Zen Meditation For Beginners – Your Journey Awaits!


Zen Meditation For Beginners!

New to the idea of mediation? Interested in learning how it is done? Confused as to where or when to get started? Sit back and relax! I have wrote this article to serve as a straight forward guide into Zen Meditation For Beginners and newbies.

I do not want you to get worked up over anything here. You can do this, so lose the doubt. I am going to break this down for you in a no non-sense kind of way. Creating an easy to understand blue print for to follow along with.

Do not get yourself to hung up on the word meditation, or the concept behind it. At it’s core it just means to simply relax and find some peace for our selves.

We have all heard that you need one hour or more to meditate, and years to practice meditation. However I am going to shatter that myth for you right here. Further more if you chose to follow through I will have you meditating by the end of this article!

What You Need To Begin Your Journey

So it is obvious that you want to get into Zen meditation. Well there is a small list of things that you will need to get started. However don’t worry I think you have got this covered.

Wooden Planks Leading Down a Zen Pathway

First of all you do need a little free time. Second you do need the willingness to try it. Lastly, you will need a quiet place where you can concentrate without distractions.

That is it folks! That is all you really need to get yourself started. You don’t need some special toga, yoga mat, or book of mantras. In addition to that, there is also no need for you to sit in some uncomfortable position.

Seriously, here’s what you really need to get started in meditation:

  • 5 to 15 minutes of time to yourself
  • The willingness to give it a try.
  • Somewhere quiet so you can concentrate.

So as long as you’ve got a few of minutes of free time and you’re still breathing, you’ve got everything you need to start meditating today.

The Approach To Zen Meditation For Beginners

Keep in mind that this is about relaxing. So don’t worry about being perfect, you are just getting started. Also remember to just keep it simple, there is no Right or Wrong. There is only Do or Do Not, and that choice is all yours.

Here is an exercise that I want you to try. This will allow you to practice meditation for yourself. Then you will realize just how easy it can be!

Give This Exercise A Try

First find a quiet and comfortable place to begin. Somewhere with no noise or distractions to impair your focus.

Zen Quiet Place

Now find a comfortable position to sit in. I myself chose the lotus position to sit in. However that may be uncomfortable for some. Just find a comfortable spot for yourself. It could be your recliner, office chair, or in your car, it doesn’t matter.

The third thing for you to do is begin to breath deeply. Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Don’t force it, just breath normally while focusing your attention on each breath.

Next you will count each breath. Count one for an inhale. Then count two for an exhale Three for the next inhale. finishing with four on the next exhale. At this point go back to one and repeat the process.

If your mind begins to wander, no big deal. Simply refocus on your breathing and begin your count again. It is natural for your mind to race, especially in the beginning. Simply let those thoughts pass through your mind as easily as they came into it, and return to your breath count.

That Is All There Is To It

Meditation is as simple as that. Now you can focus on anything you wish. I just used breathing for this exercise. You could just as easily focus on the light switch on the wall. All you need is to focus your thoughts and relax, be in the moment

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you focus on. Because it is the focusing that’s important with this kind of meditation. There are many opinions on how to meditate out there. However I believe that this is the best way to meditate for beginners, just keep it simple!

Take Time To Smell The Rose’s

Meditation is all about slowing the mind and being in the moment. We live in a world that is always pulling at our attention and focus. Thus making it easy for our brains to become overloaded with distractions.

Rose Garden

These distractions make it hard to give your attention to any one thing in particular, as well as making it hard to take stock of what’s going on in your present.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind in regards to meditation. First, realize that meditation is just another way to give your brain a break. It is a great way to take a time out from everything going on. It is a chance to reset, and who could not use that!

The second thing to keep in mind is that it is natural for you mind to wander as you turn off the outside world. Unless you are a Zen Monk or something close, it is impossible to clear your mind. So when your thoughts and feelings begin to surface, just simply let them pass, and return to your original focus.

Remember What It Is All About

Also I want you to remember that it is not about how you feel while you are meditating that is our goal. But rather how you feel when you have completed your mediation session that matters most.

Most of those that meditate regularly will tell you they feel more centered, more balanced, and experience a higher level of clarity regarding their lives. They’re able to focus more precisely, resulting in a higher productivity level.

They will also admit to being happier and more at ease in their life, due to the ability to relax and put things into prospective for themselves.

Your All Set To Get Started Today

So there you go, as I said at the start. You now have all you need to begin practicing meditation today. As you progress along in your journey you will become better at mediation. You will also be able to explore other variations of meditation and the ways you can practice it.

However for the moment it is important that you remember that you are just getting started. What really counts right now is that you commit to yourself and stay motivated.

I am not saying that you will not want to pursue more in depth variations of meditation. The level of discipline you achieve is completely up to you.

What I am saying is that you do not need any super special training. Nor do you need the desire to go all “monk” with meditation to enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer you.

Three Zen Monks Meditating

Try it yourself for a couple of weeks to see the difference it can make to your daily life. Remember to keep things simple, I can’t stress that enough. You are doing this for you and for no other.

Also do not worry about your pace. This is not a race but a life long journey, so enjoy it!

Should You Find Yourself Struggling

If it turns out that you find it difficult to meditate for any reason, just don’t give up. For some people it just takes a little more practice than for others.

If you continue to struggle with meditation there are many programs available that may help. However be leery of anything promising you amazing results over night.

While it is highly possible that you will notice immediate results, even by following my simple exercise above. The path to meditation is one of patience and time. The longer you practice it the more beneficial you will find it to be.

Move Beyond Your Struggles

I do have one recommendation for anyone struggling with meditation. I have found that the Zen 12 Program is a great way for many people to enter into meditation. It is a guided meditation program that works well for beginners and intermediates alike.

The Zen 12 program is simple to use and in my opinion, very effective. It uses brainwave entrainment to aid your brain in reaching a relaxed and meditative state. Thus allowing you to ease into your next mediation session.

Check out my full Review of the Zen 12 program to receive more information. Along with tons of info you will also find two Free Zen 12 meditation sessions for you to try out.

However you can also sign up to receive a Free MP3 download offered by Zen 12, just follow this link to claim your FREE brainwave audio. This is a great chance for you to experience Zen 12 for yourself.

Some Closing Thoughts To Leave You With

Well that brings us to the end of our look into Zen meditation for beginners. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment. Please fell free to do so in the comments area located just below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I would like to close out by saying Thank You for taking time to visit. Also for taking the time to read my article on Zen Meditation For Beginners. I hope you have found it to be helpful to you and in your journey into the amazing world of meditation!

Brendon Bryce


6 thoughts on “Zen Meditation For Beginners – Your Journey Awaits!”

  1. This is a great introduction to meditation – I have just started to get into it myself and found your article really useful. I like the way you have the clear headings and make it very easy for a beginner to understand how to approach it.

    Looking forward to reading more articles on the subject! 🙂

    • Hey Louise!

      First of all Congratulations on getting into meditation! If you just stick with it you will find that it helps in so many ways in our daily lives.

      Remember to keep it simple, you are not in a race, and this is for you and nobody else. I am very happy to hear that you found this article to be of use for you.

      My goal was to show just how easily meditation can be. I know more and more people want to get in on it, but are often held back because they think it is to difficult.

      I have plenty of more articles for you to watch out for , so come back soon!



  2. Hello, Brendon.
    Like you said, meditating is not difficult in books. I usually struggle to try to find a good position to sit, all of the sudden everything hurts! And my thoughts start a party in my head. I guess with a little more practice I will make it in the lotus position.
    What truly works for me is laying on the floor just there. I stopped fighting with the noise outside my place but took it as part of my meditation.

    • Hello TG!

      First of all young lady, do not worry about your sitting or position. If laying down is what works for you, than you just stick with it!

      As far as your thoughts having a party, that is no big deal. Many practitioners of meditation will tell you that that is the whole point.

      Allow your thoughts to come and go, find your focus point and just return to it as often as needed. Remember that there is no right or wrong, only do or do not when it comes to practicing meditation.

      If you are struggling with outside noise you may consider using some form of audio meditation to assist you. The Zen 12 audio meditation program might be perfect for you. It is very simple to use, yet very effective!

      You can check out my review of the Zen 12 system by clicking here. There are two different meditation sessions there for you to try out, so head over and give it  a shot.

      I would also like to make note of your approach to making the noise a part of you meditation. You are already an amazing person, to many others would have used it as a n excuse to give up. You however took it in and used it in your favor. Great Job!

      You are already so far down the path to peace, you just may not have realized it, keep up the great work!



  3. I have always been interested in meditation for a long time, but never really knew where to start. and I think we could all use some peace in our lives for sure. I have heard of the lotus position before also. This is a good article for any beginner. And I always knew about concentrating on your breath. I will try these techniques today.

    • Hey Mike,

      You are correct my friend, we can all use a little peace in our lives. In an ever more hectic world it is up to us to give ourselves what we need.

      Mike Don’t worry about how you sit at first. If the lotus position is comfortable for you then by all means go for it. If not just find yourself a comfortable spot and shut out the world for a few minutes.

      I always recommend starting with the focus on breathing, but it can be on anything you want it to be. If you find it hard to get into it than I suggest you give the Zen 12 program a try, it is excellent for beginners!

      Good Luck Mike, please let me know how things are going for you, or if there is some way I can assit you.




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