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Yoga Burn DVD

When you get your hands on the Yoga Burn DVD collection. You are getting way more than just another workout program!

Youga Burn Product ImageYou will be getting more than a decade of guidance from one of North America’s top yoga fitness instructors.

The Yoga Burn DVD collection brings all of the experience and coaching of Zoe Bray-Cotton right into your living room!

With out a doubt, this is one of the best yoga exercise programs available today. If you are just getting started, or even if you are a seasoned pro. Zoe has something for everyone in her program.

Let’s take a few minutes and check it out, it might be just what you are looking for!

The Yoga Burn DVD Collection

When you decide to go with the Yoga Burn you will have two ways to access the program. First you will be able to immediately download the entire course. So you can get started right away!

In addition, Zoe will also send you a physical DVD collection. This allows you to take Yoga Burn with you every where you may go. As well as share it with your family and friends.

The main course is delivered in a 3 DVD set that covers each phase of the program. You will begin by building a solid foundation in the first phase, the Foundational Flow.

Then, when you are ready you will move on to the Transitional Flow. In this phase you will begin to combine the moves from phase one and challenge yourself a bit more.

The last phase is called the Mastery Flow. In this phase you will combine everything from the first two phases. Turning things up a notch and getting your metabolism really fired up!

A Little About Zoe Bray-Cotten

Zoe Bray-Cotten is a renowned women’s fitness expert. Zoe is a certified trainer and yoga instructor. She has taught her yoga secrets at some of the top gyms and yoga studios through out North America.

Yoga Burn DVD Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe has over a decade of practicing and teaching all of the major forms of yoga. Including Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Restorative yoga, and many more!

Zoe realized that not everyone could afford classes, or even felt comfortable attending them. So she set out to create a complete and comprehensive program that women of all skill levels could afford and benefit from.

When Zoe had finished creating the Yoga Burn DVD series, she knew she had a winner. However, she did not stop there. Zoe has also created and included a few Free Bonus Gifts that perfectly compliment her course! (More on that in a minute.)

Yoga Burn Weekly Progression

The Yoga Burn program is a progressive training course. You will begin by building a strong foundation. Then as you work through each phase you will be adding new moves and challenging yourself in new ways.

Yoga Burn DVD Challenge Yourself

Not to worry though, Zoe will be right therefor you through out the entire course. There is even a group out reach platform so you can reach out if you ever get stuck!

How many other home training courses offer that?! Now let’s take a quick peak at what your weekly workout schedule will look like as you work towards the body you desire.

1st Day: Preform and complete workout #1.
2nd Day: No workout, you just need to take a brisk walk outdoors.
3rd Day: Preform and complete workout #2.
4th Day: Nothing to do today except take it easy and rest.
5th Day: Preform and complete workout #3.
6th Day: No workout, you just need to take another brisk walk.
7th Day: Preform and complete The Tranquility Flow.

Each workout takes about 45 minutes with the Tranquility Flow taking about 15 minutes. Each phase runs for 4 weeks before you move on to the next phase.

However, one great thing is that if you are not ready to move on. You can always repeat the phase you are currently working on, and progress when you feel ready!

Yoga Burn DVD – Complete Yoga System For Women!

Let’s take a break for a few minutes. Here is a short 4 minute video i would like for you to watch. Zoe will explain each of the phases of Yoga Burn in her own words.

Don’t skip the video, it has a ton of great information that will help you decide if the Yoga Burn DVD program is for you!

Discover Even More About Yoga Burn

We have covered a lot about the Yoga Burn DVD collection here today. However, there is still a good amount of things we have not covered in this article.

I think it is very important for you to know as much as you can before you purchase this or any other course. So I have written a complete review of the Yoga Burn program for you.

In the review we will go over each phase of the program in more detail. As well as all of the Free Bonus Gifts that await you. In addition, we will cover the benefits of the program as well as the Pros and Cons!

Complete Yoga Burn Package Plus Bonuses

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Well ladies I just want to Thank You For spending some time with us here today!

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