What Is The 3 Week Diet System?


What Is The 3 Week Diet System?

What Is The 3 Week Diet System you ask. Well allow me to give you the basics regarding this system and what it is all about. The 3 Week Diet is a rapid weight loss system designed to help you achieve maximum results in a minimum period of time.

It is also a complete training program. As you will be taught how the human body processes different types of foods, and the effects that those foods have on your body and your health. Reducing body weight is simply a matter of science. The 3 Week Diet was created based upon sound and proven results, applying that very science.

How we gain or lose weight is regulated, in large part, by our biological makeup. Once you understand how the human body uses nutrients, and the effect that those nutrients have on our hormones. You will see why this program is such an effective weight loss system.

Here Is How It Is Broken Down

The 3 Week Diet has four main components that make up the over all program. So let’s take a second and go through them.

First there is the Introduction Manual. This is where you will be taught the science behind the entire system. You will learn exactly what to do to eliminate the unwanted body fat that is weighing you down.

Next comes the Diet Manual. Within this manual you will learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it, as well as what not to eat. You will also create a tailor made blue print just for you to guide you to your weight loss goals.

The third piece of the puzzle is the Workout Manual. You guessed it, this is when you will be taught the workouts you will need to do while participating in the 3 Week diet. You will learn the short 20 minute workouts that you do 3-4 times per week to give you tone and help accelerate your weight loss.

And the final component is the Mindset and Motivation Manual. In this manual you will find many tricks and tips to help you stay motivated and on track as you work towards you end goal.

for training manuals

You will use these four tools as you under go three stage of the 3 Week Diet, each stage lasting for seven days. Each new week the program will have you change things up a little.

The 3 week Diet Is The Truth

You see the truth is that the secret to weight loss has been around for sometime now, at least for a couple of decades. However the weight loss industry thrives by keeping us guessing as they protect their multi million dollar cash cow. The health and fitness world does not want you to know the secret to shed your body weight, fast & forever.

Once you know this secret there is no need to buy all of those pills and gadgets. And you would no longer have a need for them. Once you no longer need them, they take a big hit in the pocket book.

3 week tailors tape

The 3 week diet was created by a Biology graduate from San Diego State University by the name of Brian Flatt. Brian is also a professional trainer and nutritionist that has been working in the fitness industry since the early 90’s.

Brian decided to create the 3 Week Diet to be the very last diet program that you will ever need to buy again. He will teach you not only how to lose the weight but how to keep it off for good.

Once you have completed the entire program you will have the knowledge and tools that you need to control your weight for the rest of your life.

Closing Thoughts About The 3 Week Diet

Before we wrap it here there are a few bits of information I would like to leave with you about the 3 Week Diet. The first thing is that you should always see your doctor before you being a new weight loss system. This is your health you are dealing with.

This Months Diet Is Next Months Body!


Also I wanted to talk about the difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss”. It is important that you fully understand the difference. Many diets only focus on the numbers and the scale, and do not care where the loss of numbers comes from. However you should, because we want to lose body fat and not lean muscle!

Brian has you covered, he will teach you exactly how to shred the body fat. As well as retaining and protecting the muscle you have while you tone and build up new muscle with the workouts he provides.

Well there you have folks. You now know what the 3Week Diet is! You also now know what the components to this program are, why it was created and even who it was that created it.

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diet-manualIf you have any questions or you just want to drop us a line please feel free to leave us a comment below, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

*Don’t Forget To Check Out The Review!

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Brendon Bryce



16 thoughts on “What Is The 3 Week Diet System?”

  1. I have been told that using systems that promise complete weight loss in less than a month rarely work.

    I have also been on some of them and had a very terrible experience.

    This one seems trustworthy but could you please brief me on the kind of science it uses so that I know how to go about it?

    • Hey Dave

      I have also tried those “crash” diets, and the main reason they are so terrible is that they basically starve you, In many cases they are based on calorie crushing, they cut you back on everything. the problem with that is you can not survive with out protein and some natural fats.

      If you lower your protein intake to far, your body will go into starvation mode, because it needs those prtoeins. When that happens your body literally begins to break down your muscles, skin, or hair. What ever it needs to so that it is getting enough protein.

      On the other hand , your body does not need simple carbohydrates at all, things like cakes cookies bread and pasta are all examples of simple carbohydrates. In fact as long as you get enough protein and natural fats, as well as vegetables (which are a complex carbohydrate) you would be able to live a perfectly normal life. Not to mention you would be in great shape with very little body fat.

      Weight loss is controlled by our bodies biology, and how our body uses and process certain types of food. When we eat simple carbohydrates, if we do not burn them off immediately, our body will store them as fat. Them we eat again, and this process repeats.

      So the biological science is to force our body to use the fat stores we already have, and to do that you have to cut way back, or eliminate,  those types of foods. However we don’t want to lose muscle or starve, so you have to increase the protein you are giving you body.

      This allows your to retain lean body mass as you burn through your fat stores, creating a much healthier and skinnier you.

      The 3 Week Diet is a bit tough at first, because the fact is to lose weight you have to change how you eat, and there is no way around that. Weight loss is 80% diet, so you might agree that to lose weight effectively we must start by feeding ourselves the right fuel!

      Dave the truth is in order to lose weigh we must sacrifice some comfort, once you have lost the weight you can then return to a more normal life. At that point you will just have to maintain, which is far easier than losing!

      If you have anymore questions feel free to leave another comment, or you can check out our full review and learn how to get the 3 Week Diet by clicking here.

      Thanks for visiting MyBodyMyMind.net

  2. Hi Brendon,
    Thanks for your post on this. It seems quite a comprehensive system that not only focuses on the weight loss mechanics but also gives you tips on how the motivate yourself to keep going.

    Couple of questions.

    1) So what happens after the 3 week programme? Do you go down to a less extreme version of the routine?

    2) Do they provide meal plans or do they focus mainly on what to eat or not eat


    • Hey James!

      Yes it is huge benefit to have the motivational tools, we all need a nudge once in awhile!

      To answer your questions, depending on how much weight you desire to lose, after you have finished the first round of the 3 Week Diet you can repeat the cycle until you hit your target.

      After that all you have to do is maintain, and you will have learned new things and created new habits that will help you do just that. The 3 Week Diet also covers everything you need to know about moving forward in life and preserving your success.

      All of the meal plans are covered within the program, they will show you exactly what to eat and when to eat it so that your get the most out of the 3 Week diet system.

      If you would like more info on this system you can click on the links below!

      Check them out for yourself…

      Our full review of the 3 Week Diet.                                                                             
      How does the 3 Week Diet work?

      James I would like to thank You for checking out our post!



  3. Hi Brendon,
    Great article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    My husband has desired to lose weight for years now and the problem is that he gives up after a week of dieting because he doesn’t see result fast enough.

    This 3 Week Diet system could be a great solution for him. I have bookmarked your website so I can show him this article. I am pretty confident that he will love the idea!

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella!

      Your husband is not alone, many people give up because the results do not come fast enough, oe the results just do not equal the effort.

      With the 3 week Diet I can assure you that that is not the case, but he will need to be committed. You will only get the best of the program if you give it your best so no slacking here, you have to bring your “A game”

      Daniella I am going to add a couple of links bellow, check them out they will provide you with more info about the 3 Week Diet system.

      Go to our full review.

      How does the 3 Week Diet work?

      Thanks for dropping us a line, and keep us posted on your husbands success should he try the 3 Week Diet!



  4. Hi Brendon!

    Wow, your website is very eye catchy and professional! I like it very much. You have done a great job explaining what the 3 Week Diet is. I also never gave much thought to the difference between weight loss and fat loss, but what you point out makes a lot of sense.

    Now that you have explained what the diet is, can you tell me more about how it works?

    Thank you,


    • Hey there Lia!,

      I am glad you like the website, I appreciate the feed back on that. I am also happy we to hear that we helped you recognize the difference between fat loss and weight loss, it is a very important thing to understand.

      Lia we another post that goes over how the 3 Week Diet system works, and goes over the principals behind the science itself. If you like, you can check out our article by clicking the link below.

      How does the 3 Week Diet work?

      Lia I would also like to invite you to check out our full review on the # Week Diet, it will give you a complete overview of the entire program, just click here.

      Thank you for leaving us a comment, hope to hear from yopu again!



  5. I came across your blog and I realized that this could be of great help for my dad! 🙂 He’s struggling to lose his belly fat even though he goes to the gym regularly. He has  even reduced the amount of food he consumes but this doesn’t seem to help him either.

    As I read through your blog I found that there are methods in which my dad could try. This might be new to him but I would definitely recommend this to him. Thank you for this informative blog post 🙂

    • Hello Anfernee!

      It’s true, you can workout all day, but if you are not eating right it will do you no good! With that said it is also the understanding that in order to lpse weight we must alter our eating habits completely.

      When we are in the lose weight phase, we must cut out anything that resits our efforts. Once we have reached our weight loss goal, then we can get back to a more normal eating pattern.

      But to lose weight there must be a sacrifice, we have yo undo what we have done to ourselves over time, and there are two ways we can take, the long struggle to lose a pound or two a week, or the rapid path in which we kick start our metabolism and shed those pounds!

      Anfernee here are the links to two other post I have done on the 3 Week Diet, they will also help to get your dad the information he needs!

      How Does The 3 Week Diet Work?

      The 3 Week Diet Full Review

      thank You for visiting the site and for taking the time to leave a comment, let me know how dad progresses with his weight loss goals.


  6. Brendon, this is the first diet system I have read that describes the difference between losing weight and fat loss which intrigued me to read again.
    I have encountered a few diet plans in the past but to no avail, patience has always been my problem but to achieve results in 3 weeks is quite astonishing, I think I will give this a try.
    I’m not really into mindset and motivational systems but working out as part of the diet plan I wholly agree with, you have to burn off what you eat.
    On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate the 3 week diet system?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Simon,

      Many of the diet systems out there only care about the number on the scale, but what good is it to lose weight if that weight if what you are losing is muscle? it is vital for good health that we approach weight loss as fat loss and preserve our muscle tissue.

      The mindset and motivational portion of this program is for those who might need a little extra push, it is not of importance if you can be disciplined and have faith in your self. Some people need more help in that area than others, but it is nice to have should you need it.

      The lack of videos for the workouts is a small negative, but this system delivers so it is not that big of a deal.

      Simon I did three rounds and lost a total of 41 pounds, and I cheated a bit and added extra veggies here and there. Overall I would give this an 8 or a 8.5, which is pretty high for my standards.

      The lack of videos and the level of commitment you will have to give it keep it from being a 9, and I have not yet found any weight loss system I would score as a 10, so this system is among the best I have tried as far as rapid weight loss is concerned.

      Th 3 Week Diet is the real deal, and they even teach you how to maintain your new physical appearance after finishing the program which is a huge plus!

      Good Luck to you Simon, if you chose to buy the 3 Week Diet I think you will be very happy with your purchase,



  7. I have always been on the naturally slim side but knowing about the 3 week diet system now will encourage me to look further into it if I ever feel I might need it.

    I think 3 weeks is a fairly short amount of time in terms of getting more in shape and will be good for anyone who is looking for a system that is faster than the average weight loss program.

    My question is, do you think this 3 Week Diet System is up to par with any other weight loss programs? If so, which others do you think you would be likely to recommend to others who are looking to lose weight fast?

    • Hello Arie,

      While 3 weeks is a short time, the science is there. I do think that people should consider that it is way more likely to lose around the 12 pound mark, as the 23 pound mark, while possible, is not the common result.

      As far as being up to par. I think the 3 Week Diet sets the mark, and the other rapid weight loss diets need to catch up. I have used this ti drop the pounds myself, and I know that my results came much faster on this diet than on others I have tried.

      If you are looking for a diet that is also great, but will  take a little longer to get you down on the weight, I recommend the Fat Burning Kitchen.

      You can achieve your goals with either program, but it comes down to you the individual, you have to stay committed to your goals!


  8. I am a little confused on this review. Is it only designed for people to use for 3 weeks to lose some quick weight and then they go back to their old habits? Or is it teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle in 3 weeks? If it is teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle then I think this would be a great tool for a lot of people as it takes weeks to gain new habits.

    • Hello Helen,

      This page is a description of the 3 Week Diet’s philosophy, for a full review of the product click here.

      The 3 Week Diet will help you lose weight very rapidly, and if your goal is lofty, than you may need to repeat the 21 day program until you achieve your goal.

      During the course of the 3 weeks you will learn how to keep the weight off for good. People have to realize that you can not lose the weight and then go back to doing what you were doing to get fat in the first place.

      In order to maintain a healthier life, we must change our life style, and we must stay committed to that new life style.

      That does not mean that you can return to a some what normal life after you lose the weight, but you have to moderate yourself.

      The 3 Week Diet will help you learn everything you will need to know to lose and keep off the weight.

      Helen, I have used these principals myself and they work great, but I have also stumbled on my path and have put the weight back on after returning to bad eating habits.

      The good thing was, that once I realized I was slipping I was able to lose the weight again quickly, and have kept it off since. It really comes down to the individual, we all slip but once you have the knowledge, it only takes a slight adjustment to get you back on path!

      Thanks for your thoughts, come see us again!



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