The Law Of Attraction – Does It Work?


The Law Of Attraction Revealed

Let’s get going, today we are going to break down The Law Of Attraction and answer the question of “Does It Work?”.

Furthermore it is my goal to provide you with some general knowledge and show you the basics. As a result you will find this article helpful in understanding The Law Of Attraction and how it works.

It is believed that there are 12 fundamental laws of the Universe. And all things within our Universe are regulated by these laws, whether we realize them or not. The Law of Attraction is the seventh law in the sequence of the Universal Laws.

Universal Energy Flowing

The Law of Attraction is simply the philosophy in which it is believed that if a person focuses on positive or negative thoughts and feelings. Then that person would in turn “attract” that same positive or negative energy and experience into their own lives.

This belief comes from the idea that there is one Universal Energy that makes up everything, and therefore connects everything. So that basically means that the things you focus on, be they positive or negative. Ultimately become what you attract into your daily reality.

The more energy that you put into those thoughts, as well as your actions. The more of that energy you will receive back to you. So if you are focused on a negative event or feeling. Consequently, you will then attract more of the same negative energy. And it will continue to compound until you are able to put a stop to it.

Head Picture Of Bruce Lee

As You Think So Shall You Become…

-Bruce Lee

However, what if you can break that mental focus and find the silver lining within any given situation.

You will then draw in more of that same positive energy, thus changing the impact on your life.

Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

All of the various laws found in nature are pure and perfect in their design and existence. We may not be able to see them, nor touch them. However I assure you they are there and they are at work all around us and at all times.

Just as we are sure of the Law of Gravity, you can be assured that there is in deed an equally powerful Law of Attraction! The best part is, you can learn to use this law in your favor and realize the life you desire.

It is Right There For You To See

Think about your circle of friends for example for a minute. I would be willing to bet that you share many common goals and interest with the people that you keep closest to you. Or have you ever found yourself thinking about someone, and “puff”, just like that you run into them, or they call you?

Animated Circle of Friends

We all have that one friend that is always happy and nothing ever seems to get to them. And everything always seems to work out the best for them all the time. They are that person that always finds a parking spot right up front, or they seem to just land in the roses every time, while the rest of us are landing on the manure pile.

Well all of that positiveness that they are putting out is being attracted back to them. And in return all of that good fortune we seem to witness is the result, and this happens whether they are even aware of what they are doing or not.

Those are just a few simple examples that support the philosophy of how the Law of Attraction works and it’s presence among us.

Tap Into The Abundance Of The Universe

The Law of Attraction is not some kind of new fad, in fact it has been around since the dawn of time. There are literally hundreds examples of prominent men and women whom have used it through human history. And tens of thousands of everyday people like you and I that have also taken advantage of the abundance that the Universe has to offer.

Image of the solar system
Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction has been used and taught in many religions and cultures through out the sands of times.

Although it may be presented in different ways and wordings, the message is the same. Your mind is the gateway to the life you live, and the experiences that you will encounter. That means you have the ability to tap into this incredible abundance and use the Law of Attraction to achieve the life you want to live!

As A Man Thinketh In His Heart So Is He

-Proverbs 23:7

Learn To Use The Law of Attraction

Take for example the stereo in your car, or in your home for a moment. When you tune in a certain radio station that is what comes out of your speakers. If you have tuned to country music, than country music is what you will get. Consequently if you tuned into rock or rap, than rock or rap is what you will hear.

animated radio antenna broadcasting signalSo in essences you are like a radio antenna, and the frequency or vibe you put out, positive or negative, is what you will receive in return. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is just that simple!

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Image of The Universe
The Universe

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18 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction – Does It Work?”

  1. Hello Brendon

    Your article is super insightful. It is filled with crucial information that can be used in order to live a better and positive life.

    I know for sure that the law of attraction does work, the over all belief as well as the visualization techniques are very powerful tools in the activity of bringing the life you see into the reality of the life you will get to live.

    Thanks for bringing this important subject to the table, and providing people with a platform to teach them selves how to learn and apply these powerful practices to their own lives.

    • Hey there Asen!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on our post! It sounds as though you have already learned the value to putting the power of manifestation into your life. It truly does bring a new and exciting reality of possibilities into one;s life.

      You already know that it does take some practice and a new way of thinking and acting on you part to realize the overall possibilities that the Law of Attraction can bring to you!

      I hope that if you are struggling in any way with the practice in your efforts, that you will give the Manifestation Miracle a try, I know it can help you to master the life you want as it has helped me



  2. Hi Brendon!

    I’ve always been very curious about these revelations, I’ve seen many videos and read a lot of opinions on this topic.

    I find it very difficult to focus on the positive due to my daily life stress and concerns, but I guess it’s like the fish chasing its own tail, right? I really get the whole picture of the Law of attraction, I guess what’s left for me is to put it into work and focus on the positive 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the thorough explanation. Very helpful!

    • Hello Israel,

      I can understand why you feel this way, but what you have to understand is that it is not just think it and it will happen, you have to also believe in what you want, you have to be able to see it, and you have to also do your part in making it happen.

      The Law of Attraction does require some action on your part, you do have to actually take action to allow it to happen. Look at it in this manner, you can not lose weight by simply thinking about it, you also have to take some form of action to make that happen. You must control what you eat, and do some kind of exercise.

      You must first see the desired out come and accept that the results you want are in place and already coming to you, but if you do not actively participate in the actions that will help you, than you can not relieve the benefits you seek.

      This is where most people fall short and give up, it is also where a course such as the Manifestation Miracle can come in handy, as it will teach you and guide you in the practice of utilizing the power of the Universe.

      To truly grasp the idea and the power of the Universe and all it can offer you must first understand what it takes to get your mind on that positive track that it takes to receive the results that you see for yourself.

      Take a look into the Manifestation Miracle, it is absolutely the program that can yeach you and lead you to the life you desire and deserve.



  3. I certainly do believe in the Law of Attraction! Many times, while driving to work, I would envision having all green lights on my way there or while heading home, and about 80% of the time I would have green lights, and about 15% of the time, I would be slowing down to stop, and the light would turn green!

    Also I would imagine that the spot that I wanted to park in would be there, and most of the time it would be either the one I wanted, or one on either side of it.

    Lately I am using it to be more positive about my finances, and things have been steadily begun to improving!

    • Irma I am so glad that you are seeing and realizing the power of manifestation in your life!
      Just know you are seeing the simple and beginning effects of the power of belief!

      Keep building on those positive outcomes, and if you ever need help you can always contact us!I do recommend giving the Manifestation Miracle a try, as it can teach you to put all of the amazing practices of manifestation in your daily lifestyle!

      Irma, the outcomes and potential are absolutely endless for you if you know exactly how to apply the abundance of the Universe to your life!
      Good Luck Irma!

  4. Hello, thank you for giving me some insight into this topic. I have not previously looked into it so I am glad that I stumbled upon this.
    I like the little quotes that you put in there and the fact that you get straight to the point.
    I feel that there is a lot of good information in here that someone could use for a school assignment or something.
    Thank you for providing valid information.

    • Hello Samantha!

      Thanks for reading our post and I am glad you found it to be informative as well as something someone could use as valid information. That is our goal with everything we post on our website here at

      We like to give it to you as it is, so getting to the point is another thing we try to maintain here, there is no need to beat around the bush as they say.

      If the Law of Attraction and the topic of Manifestation is something you want to know more about, the I highly recommend that you check out the Manifestation Miracle. The Manifestation Miracle is an entire training program that will teach you not only about the Law of Attraction, but also how to live the life you want to on your terms.

      All it takes is a little time and the desire to improve any or all areas of your life!

      Best wishes to you Samantha,


  5. Hey Brendon,
    I’ve been interested for a long time in the Law of Attraction. I’ve seen “The Secret” and read a few books like “3 Magic Words” and “As A Man Thinketh.”

    I have found that it takes a lot of effort to consciously change the way I think. I’ve practiced this technique in the past and have had some really great results. I totally think that it works.

    I’ve never heard of the Manifestation Miracle. Looks awesome, I’m definitely going to need to check that out!

    • Hey there Andrew!

      Glad to hear that you have done some reading on the subject of manifestation, and even happier to hear that it has worked for you. I myself became a believer after reading the “Secret” and began to practice this method of thinking, then seeing it all come together for me as well.

      Yes it does take some practice to retrain yourself to the power of positive thought, but it is well worth the effort! Just keep in mind that it is not all about being or thinking positive, it is of equal importance to learn to remove the negative thoughts as well.

      Far to often people have proven to be self sabotaging in our en devours, this is a huge pitfall that we all must learn to avoid.

      The Manifestation Miracle is a great tool to use in life, not only as a training lesson for the Law of Attraction, but for a fundamentally sound way of life. This program is very thorough in the training, and jammed packed with great life tricks and tactics, I certainly recommend that you check it out when you can.



  6. Hi Brendon,

    When you don’t search for something, you will not notice it. But when you do, it is all around us. Many years ago, I was car hunting, looking for this particular car that I was interested in. Just as I was looking around, I kept noticing several on the road whilst driving. Is this not Law of Attraction?

    Nowadays, when I go into a parking lot, I will always (if I remember to) visualise having a vacant space at a turn or further down the lane. It works.

    I have attended a management course which included The Law of Attraction more than 10 years ago. It has something to do with utilizing our third eye. Couldn’t remember exactly. Perhaps you would like to write an article on this.

    Thank you, Brendon, for bringing this back to me.


    • Hello Sharon!

      You are so correct when you say that if you are not looking for something, you will not find it, and that is the whole point of the Law of Attraction. You first must vision it and then steer your thoughts in the proper direction and the Universe will show you what you see!

      I have had the exact same experience in regards to you story about a particular car, amazing isn’t it! And yes that is one small example of the Law of Attraction at work.

      Sharron you sound as though you still may be on the fence here, I would like you to check out my review of The Manifestation Miracle, it is an amazing training program in the area of the Law of Attraction and I believe it could help you realize your true potential!

      Best Wishes to you Sharon!



      • Thanks Brendon.I will check it out when time permits.

        • Very good Sharon,

          I am sure it will provide you with a through overview of the Manifestation Miracle, and provide you with the knowledge you may need in making your decision.

          Good to hear from you again Sharon!

          Best wishes,

  7. Bruce I think that this is a brilliant article.\

    I have always wondered if the law of attraction worked. I once tried to do a bit of research on the topic via YouTube, I believe that what I found though was mainly an advertisement for The Secret. Which I believe is based upon the Law of Attraction.

    Has this law really worked for you? What are some ways that it has manifested your desires? I am just curious to know. I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you again for this inspirational post.

    • Hello Michelle, it is nice to see you here at again, I love to see that we have some people out there that enjoy the work we put into our website!

      The secret was actually where I learned about the Law of Attraction, and where I began my journey to harness the power of the Universe. the Secret is a great book, but it is only the tip of the iceberg and I found it to be a little vague with its content,

      Yes Michelle I have learned to use the Law of Attraction and while I am no where near a master at it, I have seen it work first hand! The examples I wrote in the post are as true as I am here responding to your comment.

      Most recently I have been able to leave a job with no future, and go full time into running, and all of that was put brought to me by the Universe. What I mean there is just how things began to fall into place and open the doors for me to do this,.

      It was quite amazing I must tell you, and it took place very recently, so it still seems a bit surreal.

      Michelle, I can assure you that the Law of Attraction does exist and it is at work at all times, all around us. Even if we are not aware of it.

      If you really want to know more about it then I invite you to check out our review of the Manifestation Miracle training program. It is a complete life training program that was designed to not only teach you what the Law of Attraction is, but also how to use it in your favor. Check it out, it will help to clear things up for you.

      Best wishes to you Michelle,


  8. Thanks for the article.
    I need to use this law more. I recently have been negative and fearful about everything and of course, things don’t get better. ….but worse.
    I am going to look further into this principle. I have heard of it before and even tried it, but I need to get more committed to using this law.

    • Hello W Tucker!

      Yes my friend, you need to break that negative cycle of thinking! Negative attracts negative! It does take some practice to fully get the hang of how the Law of Attraction works. But if you work at it just a little everyday you can quickly learn to manifest the life you truly want!

      W Tucker I would like to invite you to check out our review of the Manifestation Miracle. It is an incredible training platform in regards to manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

      Check it out and see for your self, this could be just what you need to turn around your life and start to get the life you want for yourself!

      Thanks for visiting us and taking the time to leave a comment, we love hearing from our users1

      Best wishes to you my friend, keep us posted on how things are going for you!



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