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Rapid Weight Loss Tips For You

Over weight? Out of shape? Need results fast? Do you have a wedding coming up, a graduation, or family reunion on the horizon? Are you an athlete and season is coming, time to get into game shape?

I could go on and on with the questions, but the fact of the matter is that if you are over weight, no matter how much it may be, you have a reason to address the situation. Let me just mention your health, that might be the single most important reason of them all!

Speaking about health, it is important to recognize that there are some healthy ways to lose weight and some not so healthy ways to get the job done. While I will touch on some of those not so good ways, my focus is going to be on Rapid Weight Loss Tips that are good, healthy and safe to use.

If you learn the proper approach, rapid weight loss is absolutely possible, and despite popular belief, completely harmless to you and your body. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that we want to remove what we do not need, while increasing the things we do need to preserve lean body mass.

Dr. Michael Dansinger,

…people can lose 20 pounds of weight in a week, if they do it right!

-Dr. Michael Dansinger,
-NBC (The Biggest Loser)

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss Whats The Difference?

Before we get to far ahead of things, I want to take a minute to explain the difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss”, pay attention this is important! We often use the term weight loss when it is fat that we want to lose, trust me there is a difference.

Weight Loss:

There are truly many diets that will work for losing weight, the problem is they do not care where that weight comes from, those diet plans only focus on the scale and the numbers. That can be counter productive as well as dangerous!

You see when you cut back on eating you also cut back on things like nutrients and amino acids, things your body must have to function properly. If you continue to deny your body these nutrients, say protein for example, it will begin to take what it needs from anywhere it can get it.

That means your body will start to break down your muscles, your organs and your bones to get what it needs, and that is a bad thing. So now you are losing lean body mass, which will lead to a slower metabolism, which makes it harder to lose the unwanted body fat.

These number crunching diets do way more harm than they do good for your body, they slow your actual fat loss and force your body to attack itself to get the nutrition it needs.

medical scale

Fat Loss:

This one is much simpler, fat loss is just that, Fat Loss! I am willing to bet that when you say weight loss you are referring to body fat and not lean muscle. So now that we have that cleared up let’s talk about fat loss.

Fat loss happens when we remove the foods that are making us fat while maintaining, or better yet increasing, the foods and nutrients our bodies need to survive. Our metabolism is the key to losing body fat, the higher we can get our metabolism to run the better our body will be with managing fat and fat loss.

In order to keep the metabolism fired up we must fuel it properly and increase our lean body mass. Everyone has heard that muscle burns fat right? Well it is the truth, and that is why we must protect that lean body mass while we attempt to lose weight!

Essential Nutrients

Nutrients: What We Need & What We Do Not Need

Nutrients break down into two basic groups, nonessential nutrients and essential nutrients. Non Essential nutrients are the nutrients that your body produces on its own, we do not get them from the food we eat.

Essential Nutrients, conversely, are the nutrients that we do get from the foods we eat. It is essential that we get these nutrients from our dietary intake to sustain our bodies and our lives.

A few examples of these essential nutrients are water, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. We must have these and we must get them from our diet.

Please note that I did not include carbohydrates to the list of nutrients that you need. The truth is that it is a proven scientific fact that there is not a single carbohydrate that is crucial to the human diet.

Brian Flatt

The biological fact of the matter is that there is not a single carbohydrate that is essential to the human diet…

-Brian Flatt (The 3 Week Diet)
-San Diego State University (Biology – Nutritionist)

We do not need sugar, we do not need starch and we do not need fiber. Truth is carbohydrates have no nutritional value to us whatsoever, but this is a topic for a later post. Also know this, if we do not burn off the carbs we eat immediately they get stored as guess what, Body Fat!

Now I could go into teaching you all about all of the other nutrients, however those too are topics for later posts. With that said I do want to take a minute to talk about protein before we get into the tips for rapid weight loss.

Protein – Our Foundation

Proteins are the fundamental building blocks of your your body’s cells, tissue, and organs. Proteins are made up of amino acids, there are 20 amino acids that make up all human proteins, your body only produces 12 of these, the other eight amino acids come from our diet.

Amino Acids Chain

Lysine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine are the essential amino acids that our bodies do not produce. We acquire these amino acids by eating protein sources like meat, fish, poultry and legumes.

The bottom line here is that we must have protein to sustain our livelihood, while we also need some fats, next to water proteins are the absolute must!

9 Tips For Achieving Rapid Weight Loss

The fastest way to achieve rapid weight loss is to stop using dietary carbohydrates, forcing your body to burn the fat stores we have for energy. When you restrict your carbohydrate intake, your body has no other option but to break down and burn body fat for fuel.

It is however, very important to keep your protein intake up, and to even increase your protein intake while you are participating in a low carb diet of any kind. Remember that you must consume protein to survive!

So the strategy for rapid weight loss is to restrict the foods and nutrients we do not need, while increasing the foods and nutrients we do need, firing up our metabolism, protecting our lean body mass, and torching away that unwanted body fat!

Rapid Weight Loss

Here Is What You Need To Know

Here are some great tips and tactics to help you shed your body fat in no time, getting you the results you are looking for, faster than you could ever imagine.

  • First and foremost, cut out the carbohydrates, you don’t need them. Force your body to use the fuel it already has on hand.
  • Increase your protein intake to protect your lean body mass, and keep your metabolism burning like a furnace.
  • Drink a lot of water! When your body is in a fat burning state you need water to flush out the waste left behind even more than normal.
  • Increase your meal frequency to five or six smaller meals a day, providing the proteins to your body as it needs them.
  • Be sure to get the proper Essential Fatty Acids which help to fight inflammation within your body, consider taking fish oils.
  • Use Whey Protein shakes, they are an easy way to hit the six meal a day plan when used as a meal replacement.(No more than 2g of carbs per scoop)
  • Use a Green Drink such as Organifi. These drinks are full of vitamins and minerals as well as being loaded with free radical absorbing antioxidants.
  • The Eighty Twenty Split

    So I have heard it said that weight loss is 80% dictated by diet, and 20% physical activity. With that said all of the above tactics will help you lose weight, and if you add some form of fitness activities to your efforts, you will aid your body in achieving explosive weight loss!

    Try adding 30 minutes of cardio, 6 days a week and 45 minutes of resistance training 3 times per week, remember it is not how long you workout, it is all about what you put into that time, so bust your ass through your workouts and you will be amazed!

    Combined Workout

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen there you have it! You now know the difference between weight loss and fat loss, you have a better understanding of the nutrients you need and those you do not, and you have my 9 tips and tactics (including my two workout suggestions) for rapid weight loss.

    I have personally used this very strategy to lose 39 pounds of body fat in nine weeks, I know that if you apply this formula you will have success. After all if I can do it so can you!

    Some Closing Thoughts For You

    I know it can be difficult for some people to stay committed and on track on their own, I also know that not everyone knows how to cook or even knows exactly what they should be eating. I to realize that there are those that need a little help with the workout needs they may have.

    We all know that there are a ton of programs and systems out there, making it hard to pick out the right ones. Truth is, most of these diets can help you lose weight, but is the the proper type of weight?

    If you find that you need a hand with anything I had just mentioned above, there is one program that I would suggest for true rapid weight loss.

    However I must warn you, this is not your mama’s diet, but the results will be there, if and only if you are truly committed to your own personal success.

    That program is called the 3 Week Diet, and it is based on the exact same science that we have talked about here, the science of human biology. The 3 Week Diet goes way deeper into the science than I have here, teaching you everything you need to know.

    They have included a complete meal plan and outlined a simple to follow workout routine, add that to the knowledge they are going to teach you and what you get is a complete guide to reaching your rapid weight loss goals. You can check out my full review of the 3 Week Diet by clicking here.

    If you already have an understanding of what to eat and how to workout to achieve your goals, I invite you to use my tips and tactics as your blueprint, I don’t think you will be disappointed!

    Your Blueprint Image

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    Brendon Bryce



    16 thoughts on “Rapid Weight Loss Tips – Shed That Body Fat Fast!”

    1. Hi Brendon,

      Handy article, I was impressed by the reading!
      All my life I’ve been dieting and until now I didn’t know the difference between losing weight and fat loss. Now that I understand, I will certainly consider these suggestions!
      I’ve lost a lot of weight with bread diet, but I’ve gained all the weight back when I started to eat regular meals. I did notice that I lost my muscles. I will definitely follow your tips and do some exercises to rebuilt some muscles:)
      Thank you for this excellent post!

      • Hello Daniella!

        I am very happy that you found this to be handy! You are not alone when it comes to not realizing the difference between weight loss and fat loss, many people never consider the two.

        That is one big reason they gain their weight back. They lose lean mass as they diet, then they gain that lean mass back after having never really addressed the fat problem to begin with.

        When we need to lose weight it is vital that we maintain our lean body mass and target fat. The numbers on the scale only tell part of the story!

        Check back with us soon because i have a few more great posts like this one on the way!



    2. Hello Brendon,

      I just read your article on Rapid Weight Loss Tips – Shed That Body Fat Fast and passed it along to my sister. What a great read and lots of good tips on how to lose weight and how to keep it off.

      I’m lucky because I don’t have to worry about my weight as much as others do. However, I do drink way too many soft drinks which do add a few pounds to my belly. Now that I’m older I do have to watch what I drink.

      My sister on the other hand, has struggled with weight her entire life. It doesn’t matter what diet she is on. Nothing ever seems to work for very long. She’ll drop a few pounds and than gain it all back and more.

      She’s going to absolutely love this article. I saved your websites to my favorites for future reference. I do have one question I’m sure my sister is going to ask. Which diet do you recommend to lose weight FAST? Thanks again for all the great info and keep up the great work Brendon!

      All the best,


      • Hey Jack!

        Good for you that you don’t have to worry much about your weight, but be careful with those sodas. As for your sister, the message you have got t get through to her is Life Style Change!

        That is the only way to keep the weight off after she works so hard to lose it. Even after we hit our goal we need to stay vigilant because it is very easy to let old habits creep back in.

        In regards to your question about a diet she can use to lose weight fast, I do have a recommendation. When it comes to rapid weight loss I have to go with the 3 Week Diet program.

        It is all based on the biological functions of the human body, and it delivers when it comes to shredding body fat.It focuses on fat loss not weight loss, so the strategy surrounds protecting our lean body mass while losing the fat and flab.

        Jack here is the link to my complete review of the 3 Week Diet, check it out yourself and if you like what you see pass it along to your sister, just click here to go to the review.

        Thanks for giving us a visit and taking the time to leave me a comment!



    3. Hi Brendon,
      Great post, especially for making me clear which are the good nutrients and which are not.
      I think my biggest problem in my diet is carbohydrates; I just love them 😐 Although I’m not overweight I know that if I have to consider leaving them if my body does not really need them.

      Thanks for all the info.

      • Hi Darmendra,

        Glad we could provide you with some useful information about nutrients. Since you do not have a weight issue the carbohydrates in your diet are not as menacing for you.

        However, they do you no real benefits either, in most cases doing you more harm than good, especially  wheat and wheat flour.

        I know you love them, me too, so while they do you no good you might not have to cut them out all together considering your situation and lack of a weight issue. Still there are much better options of what to put into your body!

        Darmendra, thank you for the visit and the comment, hope to see you back soon!


    4. Nice read! I didn’t think there’s a difference between weight loss and fat loss. I’m glad I’ve come across your article. I used to be one of those who are obsessed about losing weight.
      You mentioned that carbs have no nutritional value to us and if we don’t burn them they get stored as body fat. Wow, I never thought about that! I love carbs, I’m a rice, bread and pasta eater. I can’t survive without them but the one good thing I like is that my body seems to burn calories quite fast. So I guess, I’m good. What do you think?
      I’m glad you mentioned water. Water is my recipe for maintaining my weight. I have friends and colleagues who are struggling with this so I’m gonna check out your 3 week diet and recommend it to them.

      • Hi there Alice,

        Good to see you again!

        I know what you mean about carbs, you are one of the lucky ones that does not have to worry about them.

        While I tol you that you do not need carbs, and that is true, the do carry some vitamins and minerals. You do already get those vitamins and minerals through eating vegetables, so if you vhose you could leave out the carbs.

        However for anyone battling the bulge, and anyone that has a problem with being over weight, Carbs are the Achilles Heel in the food world.

        Anybody that really wants to lose weight has got to cut those carbs out and increase their protein intake to protect their lean body mass.

        Definitely pass this on to your colleagues that may have a problem with their weight, they will certainly learn something I am sure. Also I mentioned the 3 Week Diet near the bottom of this article, it is an amazing weight loss system and I am sure it can help anybody that is committed to losing weight!

        Alice thank you for visiting the site again, I hope to hear from you soon!



    5. Hi Brendon,

      I must say, I really enjoyed reading this, I thought weight loss was fat loss, but now I see where I have been going wrong.

      I had also never heard of the 80/20 split. I think I really need to focus on my diet, but also try cardio as well as resistance training. You sound like you defiantly know your stuff so I feel that I better understand the 3 week diet!

      • Hey Freddy!

        So glad I could introduce you to the 80/20 split. Our diet plays such a major role in weight loss, and I think most people have this concept backwards.

        Also it is very important that we are losing the proper type of weight. It does us no good if the numbers we lose are lean body mass. The goal should always be to lose body fat and not muscle.

        Give the three week diet a try. If you can stay motivated, the results will amaze you. Especially if you go for a second round. That is when I had my best success!

        Freddy thank You for your thoughts and good luck!


    6. Oh, how we suffer from this everywhere in the world. There are sooo many contributors to this problem. We have to start somewhere because it is impossible to try to deal with all of it at once. Step by step, I say. Your article is brilliant and beautifully expressed. Thanks for the information.

      • Hello Kris!
        Great to hear from you again! I am very happy to see you visiting us again, very exciting!

        You are correct young lady, being over weight is quickly becoming a global epidemic. It definitely needs to be put into check, there are many health problems that come with being over weight.
        I also agree that they only way to change it is one step at a time, one day at a time.

        Very happy to see that you liked this article. I have used this approach myself off and on as needed to keep myself in shape and it works great for me.

        To many people look at weight loss as some huge mystery, but in truth it is a straight forward approach that is going to work the best. that is what I have written this article to be,.
        It helps take out some of the guess work. The hardest part for most will be sticking to their goals.

        It might sound kinda mean, but usually it is the person that fails, not the system that they are trying.

        I think that also has to do with just how much misinformation there is out in the world today.
        People just need the truth. No hoops to jump through and no guessing. Than all they need to reach their goals is a little motivation!

        Well miss Kris, until next time!

    7. I really enjoyed the read about Rapid Weight Loss. There are so much stuff out there about weight loss – they’re always selling a product. Most of the information is usually marketing a product.
      Your information was clear – the foods to eat and the exercise to do for weight loss.

      Thank you

      • Hello Monique,

        Glad you enjoyed the article. Following these guide lines helped me a lot, and I just wanted to share them with everyone interested!


    8. Thanks dear for sharing such beautiful information with us. I have a quick question. How can I get the 3 Weeks Diet plan? Hope to hear from you soon about my question.
      Thanks Regards.

      • Hello Wafa,
        Very Happy to hear that you enjoyed the information. In regards to the 3 Week Diet. You can follow the link I have left, near the end of this article. That link will take you to my 3 Week Diet Review. From the review page you will find a link that will allow you to get the 3 Week Diet. Also Wafa, If you raed the review to the end I share a special updated link that will save you even more money!


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