Pure Reiki Healing Master Review – Amazing Secret Revealed

Pure Reiki Healing Master booksPure Reiki Healing Master
Product Creator: Owen Coleman
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Pure Reiki Healing Master Review

So before we get into the Pure Reiki Healing Master Review, I want to take a few minutes and explain some of the history surrounding Reiki and it’s creator.

Japaneses Symbol For reiki At it’s core, Reiki is a form of Natural Healing, using the force of the Universal Energy to promote emotional and physical healing within the body.

This is preformed by using a simple technique know as Palm Healing. In which the Reiki Master transfers this Universal Energy, or Life Force, through the palms of their hands into the body of the patient. Therefore allowing the energy to flow naturally within the patient and clear any blockages of the energy flow within their body.

Meet Master Usui

Reiki was discovered in the early twentieth century by a Japanese Buddhist by the name of Master Mikao Usui. It was in 1922, while participating in a 21 day fast and meditation period that Master Usui was enlightened to this amazing form of healing. As a result, it became his life mission to share this new healing power, and to spread health and well being around the world.

Mikao Usui Creator Of Reiki

Master Usui wanted to help people find a balance in life between mind and body. In addition he wanted to teach people to live healthy and well. He also went on to teach more than 2000 people the secrets of Reiki Healing before he died. As a result a small number of these students went on to teach Reiki themselves.

However, through out time, some of these teachers changed the approach of their teachings, often complicating the practice of learning Reiki. Some even took things further turning the learning process into a financial gain for themselves, often making the learning process take years, and at a high cost.

text book drawingIt is due to these changes in teachings, and ethics behind said teachings, that we are here today! Finding himself frustrated with the results of what he was learning, and how it was being taught to him. As a result Owen Coleman took it upon himself to engage in a very deep research project.

Owen set out to rediscover the original teachings of Master Usui’s, and now he want’s to share his incredible discoveries with us!

The Amazing Reiki Secret Revealed

In the beginning of his journey to becoming a Reiki Master, Owen Coleman was just another person that suffered from lower back problems. He got his first taste of Reiki Healing, with much skepticism I might add, when a friend told him he should give it a try.

Woman receiving palm healing

Well for Owen the event was basically a miracle, finding the relief he was so desperately seeking! It was shortly after that when Owen decided to learn Reiki himself, and so his journey began. However, after more than two years of learning, Owen found himself frustrated with his lack of success and progress.

Owen knew that the original teachings were developed to be simple and quick. So that Master Usui’s true mission of spreading health and balance would be that of ease.

shakra pointsThis is when Owen set out to learn those original techniques, and now he wants to teach them to you in the easy to follow manner they were meant to be taught, and for a fraction of the cost of other Reiki training program options available today.

The Benefits Found In Your Training

Here is a quick look at the benefits and abilities you will gain from the Pure Reiki Training Mastery program.

  • Heal yourself and others… Ease pain and physical distress, creating a true mind and body balance!
  • Release stress, and gain self-confidence… Build self-esteem and self-control as you grow in your increased skill!
  • Learn to use “Rapid Reiki”… Deliver a complete Reiki treatment, and restore the proper energy balance in moments!
  • Blow up your Reiki sesions…”Use “Group Reiki” to harness the collective power of a group to heal any ailments!
  • Learn to heal people over any distance… This is achieved through a process called “Remote Reiki”
  • Aquire a sense of deep relaxation… Relieve your stress, and find “clarity of mind”!
  • And so much more… I could keep going, but I just do not have the time!

Pure Reiki Healing Master complete package

The Draw Backs You May Find

The real pit fall with this program can not be found within the training course itself, the only real problem to be found lies within You!

This course does require a high level of discipline and dedication to your own personnel learning!

Although Owen can teach you all of the knowledge necessary in as little as 48 hours, your true success can only be achieved with your continued learning and complete dedication to becoming a Reiki Master.

Plain and simple, as with any other opportunity, you only get out what you put in!

Features Of The Step-By-Step Training

Here is a basic look at what you will learn from the training manuals, and do not worry because you will be taken through them in a clear and precise manner. The secrets you will discover include the following and more.

  • The true nature of the Universal Energy
  • How “energy blocks” create illness
  • How to restore the balance of energy
  • Begin getting quick and easy results with Reiki
  • Help yourself with the the power of Reiki
  • Increase your intuition
  • Learn how to perform a healing session on others

How About The 3 Incredible Bonus’s

Here is a run down of the three amazing bonus items that Owen has included for you. These are tools that will help you with your own growth and wellness, as well as with that of anyone that you may help to find peace and balance!

Reiki Healing Meditations

Pure Reiki meditations audio set
This bonus includes 5 downloadable audiosthat you can give to your clients, so they can listen to them in between your sessions. Allowing the to continue their healing and growth!

Reiki Music Collection

Pure Reiki Healing Master Review - Amazing Secret Revealed
Designed to create the right vibration and harmonies to calm the body, these musical soundtracks are to aid you in achieving the best results from your Reiki sessions!

Reiki Mastery Videos

Pure Reiki mastery videos
This is the exact training you will receive from the manuals, only in a video format!

Here is a short video summary of the Pure Reiki Healing Master program for your viewing pleasures! take a few minutes and check it out now!

Our Overall Verdict

This is an amazing program that Owen Coleman has put together! Just keep in mind that this program takes complete dedication to learn it to it’s fullest. If you feel that you have the discipline required to remain strict in your studies, and the commitment needed to achieve the results you desire, then I say that the Pure Reiki Healing Master download is something you should jump on!

Pure Reiki Master 60 day guaranteeIf you are deeply committed to becoming a Reiki Master than I would highly recommend that you Buy Pure Reiki Master today, and allow your own journey to begin! After all it does come with a 60 day, money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose!

If you happen to have any questions or comments you would like to leave, I invite you too do so below, and I will respond to you as soon as I can. You can also personally contact me by sending me an email.

I would also like to take a second and thank you for checking out our review, and to wish you the best on your journey!


26 thoughts on “Pure Reiki Healing Master Review – Amazing Secret Revealed”

  1. I feel like natural healing is too often overlooked as the best (permanent) solution to health problems. This was a very interesting read and I feel like everyone should explore more topics covering a holistic approach to both the mind and body! I myself have started tackling health issues with whole foods, plant based eating and have achieved amazing results to this point, far superior to any pill I’ve ever taken.

    • Hello Kateryna,

      I agree that natural healing is way to overlooked, and in regards to “western medicine” or “modern medicine”, it has become a secondary to so called “medicines”, that far out weigh the benefits they may provide. At this point we have turned to chemistry to solve our health needs. That is not to say that today’s medical procedures are not amazing, but maybe all of the med’s are not.

      That is one of the appealing aspects of the Pure Reiki Healing Master comes in, it is all natural and requires you to take zero medications or chemicals!

      Thanks for your feed back!



  2. I think I need to release some stress lately I have been getting angry for no reason.

    I actually knew a little about Reiki, but never knew that it was so effective, and remote Reiki also seems really interesting. I am actually willing to learn it, and I will probably buy Pure Reiki Healing Master in couple of days.

    • Hello Furkan!

      If you are in need of some stress release than you just might be in the right place. The Pure Reiki Healing Master program is all about promoting stress release and healthy living.

      The original teachings of Master Usui were all for the mind and body balance, and Owen Coleman has done an incredible job of retracing those teachings and presenting them to you in the Pure Reiki Healing Master training program.

      I certainly recommend buying the Pure Reiki Healing Master training, and let you own personal journey begin!


  3. I’m a reiki healer and wanted a good handbook that would help me remember the basics. However, I do have a problem with this product.
    For a beginner, it is very important that you get attuned from a reiki master before you can start performing reiki yourself. How would that happen if you are learning from a booK?

    • Hello Shrey,

      You bring up a great point when it comes to being attuned! Owen realized this exact problem, and that is why he has included the entire program in a video format, so you can not only read his teachings but also visually witness them.

      While it is always nice to have someone in person to teach us anything, it is not always necessary. Becoming attuned is a personal experience for each individual just as it was for Master Usui, and that is where the continued learning and dedication come in to play. Nothing “worth it” ever comes easy, that said this is a journey not a destination and it does take time and effort to achieve the desired outcome.

      As for a great handbook to brush up on the basics, the Pure Reiki Healing Master training would be great for you, Owen’s training is very thorough and can help anyone on any level.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Your article was very interesting to read, and I also believe that natural healing is the way to go. I do not like to take medication unless it is extremely necessary, I believe that natural options should be considered when treating someone. Especially the way doctors hand out medication these days. It seems like everyone I know is on some type of medication, and I will be letting some of the people I in my circle know about Pure Reiki.Healing.

    • Hey Monica,

      I am with you on the idea of doctors handing out prescriptions left and right! It also seems to me that a lot of these so called medicines have tremendous side effects that are often worse than the original problem.

      Also the mental damage that may occur when people put to much of their belief in what they are being told, becoming a little “mind screwed”. There are cases all over the world that prove that the very same power of belief can achieve wondrous results, with out the use of chemistry.

      The Pure Reiki Healing Master >training program is all natural, and uses the Universal Life Force to achieve it’s healing power! No drugs, no needles, just a hands on approach bringing balance back into the patients daily life.

      I am sure that with the proper approach this program could help your friends in a big way!

      Best wishes,


  5. Thanks Brendon, for this very informative article on Reiki, I have always had a place in my heart and soul for anything Japanese.

    Before reading your article, I knew very little about Reiki, and I must say, I have now become enlightened. Your website is beautifully structured with impressive images and bonuses, it made me want to read your post until the very end.

    Always good to put in that disclaimer, just to cover yourself should someone go to far, to fast, to soon, and so on.

    Your website has that professional feel to it, and has certainly got my attention firmly looking into Reiki!

    • Hey Roy!

      Thanks for your encouraging words about the our website! I can not take all of the credit for this site, as I do have a few tremendously gifted people that help me make it happen!

      It is our goal here at MyBodyMyMind.net to bring a well balanced look into things that can help all of us find that inner peace and true balance between body and mind into our lives. I am pleased to hear that you feel it is done in a professional manner, but I also hope that we achieve a high level of “personal touch” to our posts and product reviews as well.

      I am also very pleased that we have helped you become enlightened to the art of Reiki. If this is something you are truly interested in, than I most definitely recommend that you try out the Pure Reiki Healing Master.

      Although it is originally orientated from a Japanese back ground, Reiki has transcended through out many cultures since it’s original realization. It is not bound by a religion, or custom, it has become a form of healing accepted by all that maintain an open mind.

      Roy I would like to welcome you to the enlightened side of our world, and if there is anything I can do to help you along please feel free to contact us at anytime!



  6. Thank you Brandon for this review.

    I to am very much into natural healing and I have received some amazing treatments of very different kinds. Kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, shamanic treatments, Tantra healings and of course Reiki – to name a few.

    Your article makes me want to learn Reiki right now. As I am in another teaching at the moment, I will save that post in my favorites, and return when the time is right for me.

    I think there is nothing to lose at this price, and as some other comments point out, after learning the basics and getting attuned there will come the desire to educate more and communicate with other people practicing Reiki.



    • Hello Uta!

      Being a person that has had experience with Reiki and other forms of natural healing, you already have realized the amazing effects and curing potential of these practices.

      If you have the discipline and dedication to learn the practice, the Pure Reiki Healing Master can most certainly get you where you want to go. Owen Coleman has put together an amazing training platform that is quick to learn, and with the proper commitment can provide the teachings you will need to become a Reiki Master yourself.

      You are also correct, with the low cost and the 60 day money back guarantee you truly do not have anything to lose, but imagine what you do stand to gain!

      Uta, best wishes in your current training, and with your future endeavor into Reiki Healing!



  7. I like the read. Think it was very interesting. Was looking for further sites on this ?

    • Hello Belinda,

      Thanks for visiting our site, and I am glad that you enjoyed the read.

      The world of Reiki is indeed a very interesting one, and quite amazing as well. Keeping the energy flow within our body moving properly is vital to our over all health.
      If you would more info on the Pure Reiki Master just click here for more information.

      Belinda , have a great day and I hope we have helped you find the information you are seeking!


  8. I have always been intrigued by the topic of Reiki, and your article clearly gives us what we need to know about this form of alternative healing. I read this with an interest about the many benefits of Reiki , I never knew how versatile this form of healing really is. I am interested in learning more;  I may just give the CD set a try. Thanks for sharing this informative article!

    • Hello Lily!

      Thanks for checking out our website,as well as taking the time to leave us a comment, we love hearing from our visitors! It is always our goal to give our users good and accurate information here at MyBodyMyMind.net.

      In the topic of health and wellness, I believe that most people are getting tired of the “Big Pharma” answer, take a pill. that is why it is imperative that we as individuals seek out alternative forms of natural healing and health.

      Pure Reiki Master is an amazing training platform that teaches us the art of touch healing and energy release, allowing us to heal ourselves as well as others. The entire Universe is made up of energy, and that include us people, so it makes sense that we need to keep our Life Force, or Life Energy flowing properly, and that is where the art of Reiki comes into play.

      If you are looking to learn more about the benefits of Reiki, and how you to can learn to harness this amazing healing technique, then I definitely recommend that you do give the Pure Reiki Master training program a try.I believe that once you commit to learning the program you will find that you will be happy with the teachings it has to offer, and don’t forget that it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case it is not for you.

      Lily I would like to wish you best of wishes in life, as well as in your pursuit into the wonderful world of Reiki!



  9. Hi Brendon,
    I’m keen to have a go at learning the practice of Reiki so I can use it as an adjunct in my counselling practice.
    I have had one treatment myself and have to say I was a bit underwhelmed but maybe it was me! I have heard so many people say its wonderful so am keen to learn more about it and I think the best way is to actually learn how to do it myself!
    I did learn lots from your post though and may look at purchasing the product in the near future! Your post was interesting and very informative for new players (relatively!) and well laid out .
    I enjoyed it very much and the “alternative ” area of medicine is something I know has a lot to offer . I was in the medical field for a long time and saw too many people affected , as you said , by side effects of drugs.
    Keep bringing us good information and recommendations for modalities that are “naturally” good for us !


    • Hello there Bella!

      Reiki has touched hundreds of thousand of lives through out its existence, maybe more. Sorry to hear that you felt underwhelmed with your experience, it might have been you, or it could have been the experience level of you Reiki master, like all things it does take practice and commitment.

      I do think that learning it for yourself would be the best way to fully understand the amazing principals of Reiki healing. It will teach you to open your mind and to allow your natural energy flow to operate in the way it is meant to.

      The Pure Reiki Master training program is a front runner in the world of Reiki healing, and Owen Coleman has held nothing back when it comes to his training. This is definitely a program you should be considering if you want to learn to become a Reiki Master yourself!

      Thanks for your thoughts Bella, save us to your favorites so you can check out some of the new posts that we will soon be publishing.



  10. Hello Bruce,

    I just finished reading your article on the Pure Reiki Healing Master Review – Secret Reviewed.

    You covered everything. I have read other Pure Reiki Healing Master Reviews but none with this much info.

    After reading your Pure Reiki Healing Master Review, I decided to go ahead and buy Pure Reiki Healing Master.

    I love the look and design of your website and the fact that you offer a lot of quality information.

    Keep up the good work Brendon,


    P.S. I also saved your website to my favorites.

    • Hey Jack!

      Thanks for letting me know how our website is stacking up against the other. It is our goal at MyBodyMyMind.net to bring you quality and accurate information with each and every post we publish.

      Congrats on you purchase of the Pure Reiki Master training program! You have taken the first step into the amazing world of all natural palm healing, and I believe that if you remain dedicated to learning the practice, you are going to be amazed!

      Holistic and natural healing methods are often looked down on because it seems the “Big Pharma” companies try to push their pills on us at every turn and want to keep things like the Pure Reiki Master healing on the back burner.

      That is not to say that there are some amazing medicines that have come along, but we all know in many cases that when you take a pill for an ailment, you are really just swallowing chemistry to cover up the real problem.

      Anyway Jack i hope you enjoy your purchase and please keep us posted with your progress!



  11. I really enjoyed reading through your beautiful site about Reiki. I am a true fan of it. Several years ago, I had awful neck pain and a neighbor of mine suggested I give Reiki a try – so I did. I could feel the pain leaving my body and felt so great afterwards. To have been relieved of pain without medication or a doctor’s visit was amazing.

    What other mind and body products or tools are you planning to present on your site next?


    • Hello Yvette,

      I am glad that you have been able to experience that wonderful healing power of Reiki for yourself, so many people get lost in the “take this pill” world that they miss out on just how effective they can be.

      I am all for natural and holistic healing and wellness alternatives, that is not to say that modern medicine has not come a long way, but it is to say that all of the so called medicines we are being presented with are nothing more than chemistry.

      The side effects of these pills and potions almost always carry multiple side effects that well out weigh the initial reason we needed them in the first place.

      Yvette, our site is a growing health and wellness website and we will be adding many tutorials, articles, and product reviews that all surround the mind and body.

      We are going to be covering workouts, stretching, yoga, as well as hobbies and recreation for the physical side of things.

      We will also be covering some mental and spiritual aspects for the mind, things such as, self help , manifestation, motivational, and meditation.

      Hopefully you have checked out our categories area and found some of the things we have already posted, and as you can see we have a lot to bring you in the near future.

      So Yvette I would like to take a moment to invite you to join our Email Club so that you will receive future posts delivered right to your inbox.

      Get The Latest Updates Here!

      Thanks for the visit, stop back by anytime!


  12. I really enjoyed your article on Pure Reiki, After working many long stressful ours at work. This caught my attention. I’ve heard if the product before, but, I never really look into it, until reading your article.

    I do think natural healing methods are better than taking those over the counter products.

    I’ve enjoyed learning how it all got started and advantages and the disadvantages of the this product. This is one article to keep on bookmark. Thanks for providing a great review

    • Hello Anthony,

      I am glad you found my article, I am also glad I could help you to understand Reiki, and how to learn it , a bit more. There are truly amazing benefits to natural healing, avoiding all of the drugs and chemistry that have been sold to us as “medicine”.

      Don’t get me wrong, modern medicine has become truly amazing, especially when it comes to surgical procedures.

      However there is big money involved with pharmaceutical company’s, so  they keep pushing there so called cures, or helpful medications onto us for everything that could possibly affect a human.

      If you have seen any TV commercials for these drugs you will notice they all come with more harmful side effects than the original aliment.

      Reiki is based on the natural flow of energy and life through out our bodies, and uses that approach to open closed channels, allowing our life energy to flow properly.

      Thus allowing the body to heal itself! I have heard  it said in holistic circles that if you can get it or catch it on Earth, there is a way to cure it on Earth, Reiki is just one of those ways.

      Well Anthony thanks for dropping me a line, and I hope to see you back again!



  13. Ever hear the term “Laughter is the best medicine?”. I think that applies here, it is as much the mind controlling the state of well being you feel as a result.

    In this world, we are no where near complete in understanding the power of the mind. I use laughter as an example, because it’s one that’s easily relate-able.

    However it makes me think that there are indeed other ways to affect your body, in the same manner that laughing affects you.

    I am extremely interested in this.


    • Great analogy Jay!

      First you are completely correct, in the world we live today we are very unaware of the physical impact that out mind has on our body.

      Our mind is our link to the energies that drive our Universe. We can see it taking place in so many applications all around use, radios, cell phones, and satellite television all run on some frequency of energy wave.

      I think it to be foolish not not realize that most likely we too have an energy wave, or life force. While I am not a hookie pookie kind of guy, there is more and more evidence that seems to back the principals of Quantum Physics  coming out every week.

      As with the Law of Attraction, the power of mindfulness carries a lot of weight with it. As I get older I see it more and more all around me.

      Being one with that energy is the founding principal behind Reiki. Releasing the energy block to reestablish a pure energy flow is the answer to the relief we seek.

      Just like laughter is the best medicine, Reiki is right there for the ride.

      Thanks for your thoughts, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your journey into Reiki!



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