How To Fix My Back Pain – This Works For Me!


How To Fix My Back Pain

It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from a sprain or pulled muscle. Or if you suffer from a more serious form of back pain or possible injury. They all have one thing in common, Back Pain Sucks!

I know this because I have a lower back injury that I live with everyday. It varies in severity from day to day. Some days I don’t even notice it. However, other days it hits me like a train! Leaving me guessing on How To Fix My Back Pain.

I went through the usual channels. First X rays, the specialist, and finished with the MRI. Sure enough I had blown one disc and herniated another. The next thing I know, Bamm! They are telling me Surgery! Like that was a surprise, right?

X Ray - Specialist - MRI Machine

I did seven months worth of research of my own after that. I would read anything about back injuries and pain release that I could get my hands on. Let me tell you one thing, for me surgery was not an option!

How I Avoided Back Surgery!

Now I am very fortunate, because I have a friend that is a Neurosurgical Nurse. This is someone I grew up with and trust very much. So as you probably guessed, I sent her a copy of everything. The X rays, the MRI, everything!

About three days went by and she called me. She had gone through everything I had sent her with her boss, the Neurosurgeon. Knowing I was not traveling to see them, and that I was not going to be their patient. I got a truthful answer, and it lined up with all of my research.

Back Surgery Taking Place

That answer was to Not get the surgery being recommended! According to the Neurosurgeon, once I had the surgery it would only be a matter of time before I would need another. In fact I could have faced multiple surgeries.

The advice I was given was to avoid the surgery for as long as I could. That was 10 years ago now. I still have my ups and downs from time to time. However I have found a few natural remedies that have helped me along my way.

I Needed To Know How To Fix My Back Pain Naturally!

For me getting relief was a must. So I tried the pain med’s for a while. What I found was that they were not really all that helpful.

Sure they masked the pain for awhile, and then they wear off. Leaving you needing more pills! In many cases the pain medication really didn’t stop the pain at all. They only made me feel better about it.

There are a few other drawbacks to taking pain med’s, other than the fact that you are basically swallowing chemistry. You might be surprised at what is in some of these so called medications.

Image Of A Chemistry Molecule

First of all, I always felt drowsy. I seemed to become a bit lethargic, and unmotivated. My performance and mental focus both seemed to suffer from the fog of the drugs.

The second downfall was learned the hard way, and more than once I must admit. Because the pain was dulled down a bit, I would take things to far. As I mentioned, I’ve done this many times.

I like to live life, I am not a fan of being on the side lines. As a result I often push the envelope when it comes to physical activity. Well the pills would have me feeling like I could do more than I should. And far to often I would!

Lastly I want to mention the risk of addiction and dependency on the very drugs meant to help you. If that happens you now have another monkey on your back (no pun intended). I have seen it happen to a number of people and it is not pretty!

Bottom line was, the pain med’s had to go! Don’t get me wrong, I have a few for those rainy days. However I could not go on with the daily usage any longer.

No More Pain Pills

Enter The Fix My Back Pain Program!

I could spend all night telling you about the journey from that point. However I am guessing you already know. So I am going to tell you about a program I have found.

It is called Fix My Back Pain. This is an all natural approach to relieving back pain. And I have found it to be very helpful in easing the suffering I have become accustom to!

While I have a pretty significant injury, most back pain people suffer from is benign, and not all that serious.

In either case the Fix My Back pain system might just be your answer. This program is designed to help you reshape your back from the inside out. I know it has helped me greatly reduce the pain I suffer from, and I believe it can do the same for you.

– Check out this quick and entertaining video! It will give you some basic insight on the various forms of back pain people generally encounter.

What Is The Fix My Back Pain Method?

The Fix My Back Pain is the creation of Rick Kaselj MS. Rick is an injury specialist and exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist.

Rick spent over 16 years of working as an injury therapist and physical trainer. He noticed that in many cases the approach to rehab and physical training was basically the same for every injury.

Rick believed that there was a need for a new way thinking and training for people with back injuries. He began to do his research, coming up with his ideal approach to this problem.

Fix My Back Pain BR3 CircleThis led to the creation of the BR3 Method which is based on one key philosophy. Reshaping your lower back! BR3 stands for: Back Reshaping 3-Part Method.

Using this method Rick has you begin by reshaping your back from the inside. He teaches you a little about how nutrition and inflammation play a role in your recovery.

Then he goes into reshaping your back from the outside. This involves things like your correcting posture, stretching, and isometric motions to build up small supporting muscles within the injury.

The final piece to the puzzle is injury specific exercises. These exercises are targeted to your specific back injury. Straying away from the one size fits all mentality he witnessed for so many years.

The Fix My Back Pain Program At Home!

After successfully applying his new method to a handful of volunteers. Rick knew he was onto something! He went onto to perfect his approach, and now Rick is the guy the other therapists and trainers want to learn from.

Fix My Back Pain Featured Fitness Associations

Wanting to get this information out to as many people as he could. Rick teamed up with Power Lifter and Best Selling Fitness Author Mike Westerdal to put together an at home training package that would be available for all to get!

This program has gotten a lot of attention since it’s release. If you are a health and fitness professional, you can earn 3 CECs/CEUs with Fix My Back Pain. (visit my full review to find out where to begin)

One great thing about this program is you can do it in the comfort of your home, or at your favorite gym. With his video’s and training manuals, rick takes you by the hand and walks you through everything.

Food For Thought!

If you are suffering from back pain I want you to know that you don’t have to! Look I know that even if you can reduce that pain at all this would be worth the price. But what would it be worth if it helps you alleviate that pain on a large scale?

If you are a trainer, this can help you learn to help your clients with back issue’s. And believe me when I tell you that your clients will love you for it!

For more information on the Fix My back Pain program and to find out where to get it. You can visit my full review by click the link in the BLUE box below.

Ricks tips and tactics are simple to follow, you do not need to be an “expert” to help yourself. Besides Rick will be right there with you all the way!

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to read my story. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment area found below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Brendon Bryce


12 thoughts on “How To Fix My Back Pain – This Works For Me!”

  1. Sciatica is my downfall – an alternative to pain meds would be great. I’m wondering if this is a series of exercises, or a vitimin regime, or something else entirely? It sounds great, but i’m not too sure what the fix-my-back-pain course is exactly? I’d love to fix my back pain!

    • Hello Kegan,

      I know you your pain, my Sciatica get the best of me as well.

      The Fix My Back Pain program is a little of all of what you mentioned. It is broken down into three seperate stages. First you begin to reshape your lumbar region from the inside.

      This is by getting your body the proper nutrients, vitamins being a part of that. It helps you to address your overall nutrition plan.

      The second part involves reshaping your lumbar area from the outside. You begin to strengthen the small fiber muscle groups. You would also be focusing on things like posture and stretching.

      The third and final piece to the puzzle is injury specific exercise. Many time the back pain people suffer from is due to muscle imbalance. One set of muscle being stronger than the opposing muscle group.

      When muscle imbalance happens, your spine can easily be pulled out of it’s ideal position. Thus causing discomfort and stress on your spine.

       In the case of your Sciatica, the Fix My Back Pain approach would be to strengthen your lower back and your hip flexors as well. What a lot of people do not realize is that often lower back pain resonates from the hip region.

      I hope that helps to clear up what the Fix My Back Pain program is. If you would like to learn more please visit my full review by clicking here.

      Thanks for the visit,


  2. Hi, Brendon,

    Again, excellent article!
    Not to long ago, my husband suffered from back pain, so he went to the doctor, and he did X Rays and MRI as well. Conclusion, the doctor told him to do surgery. My husband had an awful feeling about this, and he decided to try Chiropractic care, and it worked very well. But to be honest, he still has back pain sometimes, less than before, though. However, it would be wonderful if he could get rid of the back pain completely. I will show him this article. I am sure he will find it very interesting!
    Do you still have back pain after the fix my back pain program?
    Thank you for this useful post!

    • Daniella!!

      Glad to hear that your husband got some relief. When you suffer from nagging back pain it spills over into every area of your life. So even a decrease in the pain is a good thing.

      The Fix My Back Pain program is great for teaching the proper approach to taking care of back injuries. The approach that Rick has taken is unlike any other therapy that I have experienced.

      The idea of correcting the muscle imbalances is spot on. Many days I used to suffer from muscle fatigue just as much as from my back injury. This was caused by one muscle set being strong than the opposing muscle set.

      My level of pain and discomfort greatly diminished as I strengthened the weaker muscles. I would highly recommend for anyone suffering to give this a try.

      There is nothing dangerous involved here. No crazy tactics or necessities. Just a straight forward approach to reshaping the lumbar area.

      Daniella, due to the nature of my injury, I do still have my days. However, in the past I would basically deal with the pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Now I usually only have flare ups if I do something stupid.

      I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I often push the limits. So usually when I have a bad flare up, it is because I earned it LOL.

      For the cost of this program it would be silly to not check it out. There is no price that you can pit on peace of mind!

      Glad to hear from you again, please take care and I look forward to the next time!



  3. Hi Brendon

    So kind of you to share the back pain program that helped you. I have bookmarked your site for future reference.

    I have minor lower back discomfort from sitting long hours at my desk. I am from south India and have a decent exposure to Hatha (physical) yoga postures which our ancestors used to keep the physical body flexible and strong.

    That being said, I liked the way you have shared your experience. Hope many people find this useful piece of info!

    • Hello Jai,

      I hope this helps many more people as well. I have certainly gained a lot of relief myself from following the strategy that Rick has put together here.

      Not only have I relieved much of the discomfort, but I have also began to live a much healthier lifestyle by following Ricks tips.

      Anyone that is suffering from lower back pain can benefit from this program, they just have to allow Rick to show them the way!

      The Fix My Back Pain program has helped me live a better life and I am sure it can help anyone that commits to the teachings found within! 

      Jai, thank you for your thoughts and best wishes to you!


      • Hi Brendon

        I passionately did Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation and Surya Namaskar as part of my routine practices. You may like to check it out when you find time.

        All the best.

        • Hey again my friend!
          I am always on the look out for something new. I live with a back injury, and I have chose to not have surgery, so I continuously search for ways to insure that I avoid as much pain and discomfort as possible. I am going to look into your suggestions, I can’t wait to get into it!
          Check back soon, as I will probably be writing an article on them!

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you, Brendon. Back pain sucks.

    I’ve been working from home for the past three years, and the long hours that I’m spend in front of a computer are practically killing me.

    I have found that a few hours of rest can help relieve the pain for a short time only (less than two hours). I’ve also tried different strategies, including changing my position every hour or so.

    I don’t take pain meds for fear that I could become dependent on them. I’m looking forward to trying natural remedies.

    I’ve read a review of the Fix My Back Pain Program, but I’ve never paid attention to it. At the time that I read about this, I thought it was a local business available only in the US.

    But since it’s a video training program, I suppose this is delivered as a link to a website or something? Or are CDs shipped to the customer?

    I would like to give this a try, but I’m worried I might have to buy a physical product, where the merchant does not ship to my location (Saudi Arabia).

    Thanks for this information.

    • Hello Princilla,

      I know exactly what you mean about long hours in front of the computer. Funny thing is, I thought my old physical job was rough on my back. however, all of this sitting is just a brutal!

      To top that off, I moved away from the only sports therapist that was ever able to actually help me out. That is how I found the Fix My Back Pain Program. Before I moved she introduced me to this program, and I am so happy she did!

      What I love the most about the Fix My Back Pain Program is the fact that you can do it from home. That means spending less money on therapy, and no need to travel to some facility and burn time that is other wised wasted.

      If you are looking for relief from lower back pain and discomfort, the teachings found n this program can definitely help you out. They have done wonders for me!

      Princilla you are in luck my friend! The Fix My Back Pain Program is available in it’s complete form as a downloadable PDF!

      Once you complete your transaction you can getting started in less than 20 minutes if you wish. You get the videos, the manual, and the free bonuses all delivered right to your computer!

      Then, if you chose to, you can print the manual on any standard printer.

      Rick Kaselj is an injury specialist and he really knows what he is talking about! His system is very easy to follow, and of course it is designed to help with your injury. His approach is to get you back into action, while many other so called experts would try to get you to avoid certain things.

      Of course, only go as far as you are comfortable, but Rick’s plan is to reshape your lumbar region and give you strength in the general area.

      For the price I think you should definitely give this a try, it might be the best $19 you have ever spent!

      I know it was for me. Princilla I want to thank you for visiting, and I ask that you stop back by and let me know how it goes for you. Best wishes and good luck!



  5. You know my dad has been an avid hunter all his life, carrying the animals out himself after hunting and taking them to the truck.

    He has been having severe back pain lately, and after 5 back surgeries already, he will not go back for another one. I am trying to help him and have been researching homeopathic remedies for back pain. This looks like just what he needs!

    Do you know how long it might take to start seeing some relief with this? I am kind of excited to share this with him. I know that he would much prefer something like this, as like I said, he refused to get any more surgeries….which I will agree on!

    • Hey Mom!

      Great to hear from you again! Yes I remember you telling about your dad’s back problems. I actually thought about you while i was writing this post!

      By the sounds of it i am going to guess that your dad is a deer hunter. I grew up in a family of hunters and I also know how that works.  It is hard enough when your are young and healthy!

      When I hurt my back, it was stories like your fathers and his five surgeries that kept me from going that route. Although I do have my bad days I have found that a good workout and stretching program, along with staying aware, can actually be a real alternative to surgery.

      The Fix My Back Pain Program has done wonders for me! Rick Kaselj really knows what he is talking about, and his approach is one of the best I have ever followed.

      The down side is, in some cases, is an injury is an injury. Such as the case for me, so while this program has helped a ton. It can not cure me of all of the aliments that come with my injury, the damage has already been done.. But I do not expect it to do that, I understand my individual situation, and realize where i am at with things.

      However in so many cases people that suffer from back pain do not have the injury that I have. For most is is usually a strain or a sprain. In either case, the approach Rick uses to reshape your lumbar region and then build strength is unlike most other therapy programs I have been through.

      In the case of your dad, he seems to be in the same boat that I am in. I want to point that out because it is important to realize that this is not some magical cure. It does take some effort and follow through, and in some cases it may only aid in relieving the pain and discomfort, and may not end it completely.

      As far as how long it will take for the Fix My Back Pain to bring him relief will all depend on his situation and his dedication to following the training plan.

      I can tell you this, he will be feeling it from the end of his first session. Rick will have him activating some muscles that may have not be used properly in some time. Then there is some stretching involved, and i personally found this to feel great.

      I am not saying this will hurt your dad, i just mean that he will notice a difference from day one. As far as lasting relief goes, it took me about three weeks to notice the discomfort was becoming less of an issue.

      The longer he preforms the training the better it will get. I very rarely suffer from my back pain these days. If I am in pain it is usually because I did something stupid and without thinking.

      I can also tell you that I live life, I do not let my injury stop me if I can help it. By building the strength up in my lower back I am able to do way more of the things I love with out the worry of aggravating my injury. That makes me very happy let me tell you!

      Mom, you should definitely show your dad this! If it can bring him any relief at all, I know he will agree that it will be well worth $19. I know I was willing to spend hundreds on therapy session’s, and have done so many times.

      Looking back at what I know now, I would have paid five times the original cost of the Fix My Back Pain program to get the results I have gotten!

      One last thought, the great thing is, he can buy the program and try it for two months, if it doesn’t live up to his expectations, or doesn’t help him in anyway, he can return it and get his money back. There is nothing to lose here that much I promise you!

      Mom thanks for visiting with me again, I look forward to hearing what you and your dad think about the Fix My Back Pain program.




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