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Fat Burning Kitchen Download

The Fat Burning Kitchen Download is your ultimate guide to transforming your kitchen and your diet. Sort out the myths and lies about the foods we eat, and discover the truths you need to know today!

Fat Burning Kitchen Book CoverIt seems that we must scrutinize everything in this world we live in today. Sadly this includes our major food companies, and even the agencies we trust to watch over us.

The problem we face is that there is big money in food, and these companies and agencies know it. So how does that effect us?

There are a few ways this problem effects us. Let’s start with chemicals and pesticides. Many of the companies that grow and produce our foods use these chemicals. Either to protect the produce from bugs, or to enhance the produce itself.

That means that in the end these chemicals end up on our dinner plates, and in our bodies. As these toxins build up they can do a lot of damage to our bodies on a cellular level.

Toxins Are All Around Us

Another issue facing us is that big food companies slap “healthy” labels on just about everything. Yes, even if they know the food is actually not healthy!

This leads us to yet one more issue. Because the goal is to get us to “buy” into their claims. These big companies spend a lot of money on lobbying with officials and health agencies.

While this may or may not lead to us being directly lied to. It does go to suggest that the big food companies can mislead us to a certain level with no repercussions!

You’re Being Mislead Everyday

Think I am over stating the facts here? Sorry to tell you that I am not. These things are happening everyday, and there seems to be no end in sight. That is one reason I like the Fat Burning Kitchen so much, they give you the real skinny on the foods making us fat!

Let’s take a look at just 2 examples of where misinformation is being given to us on a daily basis.

First up, Protein Bars. Yes there a few out there that are quality. However 95% of these tasty morsels are nothing more than candy bars with a healthy label.

While they may have added protein, in many cases they are packed with sugars and sweeteners. In regards to weight loss, many of these bars contain 28g of carbs. That is almost the daily limit for those looking to lose weight, in just one 4oz bar!

Next up is Yogurt. This one is my favorite! This one gets labeled as healthy all day and twice on Sunday! The reality is that the vast majority of yogurts found in grocery stores are basically water and sugar.

Grocery Store Yogurt

As far as the probiotic benefits, Yeah Right! To get true probiotic benefits from yogurt you would need to eat more than 60 of the store bought kind in each sitting! Yes 60!

Yogurt is also a great example of how lobbying plays into the picture. Because yogurt does contain live cultures, companies can claim the “Health Benefits” from it. But they are not required to tell you that you need to eat 60 of them!

Fat Burning Kitchen Download – Low Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter!

Those were just two simple examples, we face these same issues across the board. That is the beauty of the Fat Burning Kitchen Download. It will open your eyes to many things that have simply been kept from us as consumers!

Before we get into some of the things you can learn once you enter the Fat Burning Kitchen. Let’s take a short break and watch this comical video from Adam over at TruTV.

While this video is funny, the history you are about to learn is not. So take the next 5 minutes to digest what I have just told you about big food companies. You will discover that it happens more than you might think!

Kind of shocking right?! The good news is that the real education that you need is out there. The Fat Burning Kitchen Download is just one piece of that education, and is a great place to get started!

Inside The Fat Burning Kitchen

At this point I want to give you a sneak peak into the Fat Burning Kitchen. The following is just a fraction of what is contained inside this amazing book.

#1. Learn the true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete. Eliminate your cravings and control your appetite permanently. pg.1-2

#2. Learn the truth about polyunsaturated fats (omega-6’s and omega-3’s) that most food companies don’t want you to know. pg.18

#3. Learn which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars. pg.50

#4. Discover the ONLY truly healthy options for sweeteners, even non-caloric sweeteners. pg.83

#5. Does green tea really increase your metabolism and help fat loss? The truth. pg.90

As you can see there is a lot to learn here, and that is just the beginning. You will a lot more that will help you turn your body into a healthy fat burning machine!

Well now you have a clear idea of some of the problems we face. Living healthy and losing weight are hard enough. However without the right knowledge both can be near impossible to achieve!

If you are trying to live healthy or lose weight, and it has been a struggle. The lack of results might not be your fault. It is highly likely that you have been mislead!

The good news is that now you know that there is an answer out there, and it can be found inside of the Fat Burning Kitchen!

To learn more about the Fat Burning Kitchen check out my full review by clicking on the Blue Button located just below. I will even show you where yo can get all of this amazing information for FREE!

Fat Burning Kitchen Free Book Offer

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