Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression? YES!


Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression?

So you are sitting there asking yourself, Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression? Well the simple answer is YES!

Since you are here I am going to take a guess and say that you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, or depression. If that is the case then please read on!

I am going to give you three reasons why you should be meditating. In addition to that you will learn how meditation can help you to tackle both anxiety and depression.

Easing Your Struggle With Anxiety and Depression!

Not everyone realizes how crippling anxiety or depression can be. They do not understand the tremendous burden it is to live with either. Therefore they do not realize just how much you may be suffering inside.

Man Suffering from Depression

You see my baby sister often falls victim to bouts of depression. Nothing I can say or do ever seems to help her. Then I myself found meditation, and shortly after I got her to try it out.

Her results have been quite remarkable! She has had far less bouts with her depression. She would tell you that her focus has greatly improved. That has allowed her to keep her head in the moment and not worrying or stressing about things she can not control.

I can not explain the the satisfaction I have found in being able to bring my sister some bit of relief. Make no mistake, she still has her moments. However they are fewer and farther between, and far less crippling for her.

That is the reason I wrote this article. If I can help just one of you relieve just an ounce of anxiety or depression. Than it was worth any time I may have put into writing it.

What Makes Meditation So Attractive?

What is it that has people from all walks of life attracted to meditation? Why are more than 30 million Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world practicing meditation?

Monk Sitting  In MeditationWell for one thing we have realized that you do not need to be a monk or a yoga master to practice meditation. The thought that meditation is some secret and mysterious practice has long been removed.

Meditation is actually very simple to put into practice. Anyone can do it, anywhere, and at any time. All you really need is to find a place that you can be by yourself for a brief time.

It could be sitting in a quiet room focusing on your breathing. However you can just as easily take a walk, go to the park, or maybe even shot free throws on a basketball court.

So you do not always have to sit with your eyes closed. Just unplug from everything around you and go outside. Take time and smell the roses for a few minutes.

This will allow you to be alone with your thoughts, and to regain perspective on your present. That my friends is what meditation is all about. Finding clarity and realizing a place of peace and calmness within ourselves.

3 Reason’s You Should Be Meditating!

So I am now going to give you three reasons that you should be meditating. I am also going to explain how each could have a profound effect on your anxiety and depression.

If you are still on the fence about trying meditation, I believe this will help you in your decision to give it a try.

#1 Meditation Is Good For Your Health.

Meditation has been proven to support positive emotions, giving us a fuller sensation of self satisfaction. This has been tied to an increased immune system allowing our body to manage pain and illness more effectively.

Heart And Stethascope

Meditation has also been proven to lower your blood pressure as well as reduce stress. This is great for the heart, but it does not stop there.

Anxiety and depression are often triggered by your physical state of being. So by reducing illness and stress you naturally reduce your levels of anxiety and depression. That makes meditation the cheapest therapy you could ever find!

#2 Meditation Is Good For Your Brain.

Through various research experiments meditation has proven to increase the volume of your brain. Thus improving your thinking capacity and strengthening memory.

Thinking Man Statue

Spending just a few minutes each day practicing meditation can dramatically improve you clarity and concentration as well.

A lack of focus along with a clouded sense of judgement have also been tied to triggering anxiety and depression. Far simpler is it to manage our feelings and emotions if we have a clear head.

As a result it becomes much easier to stave off bouts of anxiety and depression. Not to bad for just spending sometime alone!

#3 Meditation Is Good For Your Relationships.

While meditation is centered on finding yourself, and may be more associated with isolation. Regular meditation has been shown to increase positive emotions and decrease feelings of depression.

Relationships And Mingiling

Those positive emotions help to keep you feeling centered. As a result it becomes much easier to interact with others. Leading to an increased desire to spend time with them.

Watching my sister struggle with depression, I know first hand the role people can play in triggering anxiety and depression. So it is vital to gain that feeling of being centered. Allowing you to better limit the effects that others may have on you.

So Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression?

While meditation can not completely prevent you from experiencing anxiety or depression. You see it can play a major role in helping you manage them. In many instances you will even avoid those bouts all together. That alone makes meditation worth trying out!

Think of meditation as me-time, a few minutes every day during which you get to focus on the most important person in your life: you! Give it a shot and you will discover that it is more beneficial than you may have first thought.

Here Is How You Get Started Today!

So you now know that meditation can help you with anxiety and depression. The only question left is, when are you going to get started?

It doesn’t matter if you meditate at the start of your day or wait until the end. For that matter you can chose anytime that works best for you.

Multiple Clocks With Different Times

You can meditate while relaxing at home. Or you can meditate during a break from work. Fact is, you can meditate wherever you may find yourself as long as you have a few minutes and the desires to do so.

If you are new to meditation, or you have struggled with meditating in the past. You can get more information on getting started by reading my article on Zen Meditation For Beginners.

While there are many forms of meditation around, Zen mediation is among the most wide spread. It is a form of sit mediation, and I believe it to be the best form of mediation to get started with.

A Few Thoughts To Leave You With!

If you would prefer a more structured training platform to get started with. I do have one recommendation for you to try out.

It is called Zen 12 and it might just be the guiding hand that you need along your journey.

I have found that the Zen 12 program is a great way for many people to enter into meditation. It is a guided meditation program that works well for beginners and intermediates alike.

Meditation In The Sun

Check out my full review of the Zen 12 program to receive more information. Along with tons of info you will also find two Free Zen 12 meditation sessions for you to try out.

A Final Word In Closing

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I would like to close out by saying Thank You for taking time to visit. Also for taking the time to read my article, Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression?

I hope you have found it to be helpful and that it has answered any questions you might have had on the matter.

If you have any other questions, or would like to leave a comment. Please feel free to do so in the comment box below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Brendon Bryce


8 thoughts on “Does Meditation Help Anxiety And Depression? YES!”

  1. So glad to read meditation was able to help your sister much in the same way it helped myself.

    I have a neurological/muscular condition and just 10 minutes a morning makes the rest of my day just that much easier.

    As you said, it doesn’t always need to be a sitting down in the quiet thing, or a scheduled thing, it sometimes can be as simple as just escaping outside and focusing on your breathing in the middle of a stressful moment at work.

    • Hello Bill!

      Glad to hear that meditation has also help to improve your life!

      There are so many benefits to practicing meditation, yet so many people just do not realize it. I certainly know that I am a much happier person since I have started. I was also surprised at how much more productive it has helped me become.

      And Bill, I take full advantage of meditating through out my workday. Even if I can only squeeze in a few minutes, it helps me deal with my coworkers as well as any situations that may arise.

      Keep me posted with you progress, I woud love to be kept up on how mediataion is bettering your life!



  2. Thanks for the post.
    Never thought that meditation can be the cure for depression and could help in my relationships.

    As far as I understand you recommend to use some audio tracks suited for meditation.

    I understand that the music is powerful medium, but may be you have some other advice on how to sit, how to breathe, etc.


    • Hello Andrey,

      Meditation may not be the cure. I am not sure that there is a cure per say, for depression. However meditation can definitely help to manage depression.

      It helps to bring you into a place of peace and clarity, which allows you to to handle other people on a calmer level, thus improving your relationships with those around you.

      Think of when you listen to music, any kind of music. Generally that music has a direct effect to your mood, and how you approach the things around you. The Zen 12 program that I mentioned works along the exact principals.

      While the audio sets are not necessary to begin meditation, it has helped a large volume of people get into it. For a more traditional approach to meditation you can check out my page Zen Meditation For Beginners.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Andrey!



  3. Hey Brendon,

    Thank you for this amazing post. I’ve been meditating on and off for the past couple of years and found this post very interesting and relevant. Fortunately, I haven’t been diagnosed with either depression or anxiety but I also found meditating very helpful to sooth your thoughts, especially when we tend to move so fast nowadays, always going from one thing to the other.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hello Anh!

      I am glad to here you have practiced meditation already, now all you need to do is get going and stick with it!

      Meditation is great for everyone, not just those with anxiety or depression. However it can certainly be of benefit to those who do suffer from those crippling feelings.

      You are so correct, we live in such a fast paced world, there hardly seems time to slow things down. To me that makes meditation all that more important. We all need a way to calm ourselves, and bring us back to Earth, so to say.

      AnH, I am very happy that you found this article to be of interest, it is always nice to know I am getting it right!



  4. g’day brendon,
    I began meditating years ago when healing from depression and a broken marriage.
    I am glad to say I have overcome the depression and continue meditating.

    These days my meditation focus is on breaking free from my paradigms (prejudices).
    The world would be a lot better place if everyone could get this far.

    • Hey Remy!
      It is amazing what meditation can do! I am glad that it has helped you over come your depression. Stick with meditation and it will continue to help you along your path. It may not prevent tough times, but it will certainly help you through them.

      Gaining some focus and insight into one’s self can be an amazing thing. Often helping us realize that what my seem like a mountain is nothing more than a sticking point in our head.

      I recently flipped my life upside down in search of a new path. Some days the anxiety gets me and I lose my focus. That is when the mediation becomes that much more important for me. I can regain my focus and continue down my new path with optimism and focus!

      Remy just stick with it. You have already seen how much it can help you through the tough times, and it will continue to help you achieve the life you want!


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