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Anabolic Running 2.0

Anabolic Running 2.0 is a a fitness and workout guide designed for men who want to lose weight, build muscle and get fit.

Anabolic Running Ancient SecretThe program is based on high intensity workouts that will help you get the most effect in the shortest amount of time.

We all know that running is one of the most popular ways to get in shape and lose weight. However if you do not approach it correctly, it may have results that you weren’t counting on.

Program creator Joe LoGalbo insist that running incorrectly can actually cause your testosterone levels to drop. And there are many studies and articles that support his theory.

Everybody knows that testosterone is the hormone that makes men Men. Low levels of testosterone cannot only inhibit muscle growth and weight loss. It can have dramatic effects on your love life as well!

About Joe LoGalbo

Joe’s story is an interesting one. Joe is a personal trainer working in Illinois, USA. During the last 5 plus years he has run large boot camp style training classes. Working with hundreds of people per year.

The core principal of these boot camps was Anabolic Running. Joe used his methods to help thousands of people achieve some pretty incredible results over that time, which lead to the birth of the Anabolic Running Program.

Before Joe became a trainer he was actually a marathon runner. Like a lot of people, Joe began long distance running as a way to get fit. However when he failed to achieve the results he wanted. Joe began running marathons thinking he needed to step things up to achieve his goals.

Fact is, this only made things worse for him. The marathons left him feeling tired, skinny, and weak. Even worse, it began to have a negative affect on his sex drive which almost lead him to divorce!

Joe LoGalbo And His Doctor

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Joe immediately went to see his doctor, and discovered he was suffering from low testosterone. This came as a big shock because Joe was only in his 20’s. Instead of being at his physical peak, he found himself at the lowest of lows.

Joe set out to become more educated on the subject. While doing some research he found a study that claimed to increase growth hormones by 530%. Naturally Joe dedicated himself to learning this form of running.

He went on to perfecting this running method. Working out all of the kinks, and tightening all the bolts. He would later go onto introduce his method to some of his clients, and the results were pretty incredible.

It did not take Joe long to understand that he was on to something. After a little more testing and tuning, the Anabolic Running 2.0 Program was born!

How Anabolic Running 2.0 Works

More and more studies and articles suggest long distance endurance training can cause your male testosterone hormone to drop. So how can the Anabolic Running 2.0 help?

Well first you need to understand that the master chemical for increasing your growth hormone and testosterone levels is Lactic Acid. The problem is that this Anabolic Super Juice only enters your bloodstream after exercise intensity has reached it’s “tipping point”.

This tipping point is known as the Lactic Threshold in the scientific community. One of the best ways to reach this point is with Anaerobic Exercises such as High Intensity Interval Exercise or HIIE.

That’s the secret behind the Anabolic Running program. It is designed to teach you how to reach your Lactic Threshold through running. Naturally boosting your growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Now as I mentioned, Joe is a trainer. So you know he did not stop with just a workout routine. The Anabolic Running 2.0 program is a complete guide to achieving your goals.

The program includes diet and health tips and strategies, as well as common mistakes you must avoid. Oh, and let’s not forget the running workouts Joe has put together for you!

Some Final Thoughts For You

The main program contains everything you need to know in order to make Anabolic Running a part of your current workout regiment. It only takes around 16 minutes a week to implement the strategies you will learn.

The Anabolic Running 2.0 is not really a stand alone workout program. However I feel that is the best part of it. This means you can participate in any workout routine you wish, and still use Anabolic Running as part of your arsenal.

The program alone is great by itself, and it is all you really need. However Joe has also included some great bonuses to make getting Anabolic Running 2.0 a No Brainier in my book.

Look, we have just began to scratch the surface, this is just a simple overview of the program. There is so much more Joe has included for you.

To learn more about what this program can do for you, as well as what is included. I invite you to check out my complete review by clicking the blue button just below!

Anabolic Running Plus Bonuses

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