African Red Tea Detox – Secret Ancient Recipe Revealed!

If you have not yet heard a lot about the Red Tea Detox, you soon will. Discovered by the local inhabitants a long time ago. Red Tea, or Rooibos tea as it is also called, is now growing in popularity around the world.

The African Red Tea Detox is made from the Aspalathus Linearis plant. It is an indigenous shrub that grows only in the mountainous region close to the Cape of Good Hope.

The Aspalathus Linearis PlantOne of the biggest reasons for this growth in popularity is that Red Tea has proven to reduce body fat fast. Beyond serving as a natural way to reduce belly fat. Red Tea has also proven to rival or best the health benefits of other more popular teas.

In fact there is an amazing article published on WebMD back in 2001 that suggests Red Tea may contain 50% more antioxidants than are found in Green Tea.

Introducing The Red Tea Detox

Already a staple in countries such as Germany, Holland ,the Czech Republic, England, and Japan. The US and Canada are finally getting on board and discovering the amazing benefits that Red Tea provides!

Around the world people are getting feed up with “diets” that do not work. More and more people are turning to Detox as a way to lose weight safely and naturally.

That said, I would like to introduce you to the one Cleansing and Detox Program that is leading the way. That program is called The Red Tea Detox.

The Red Tea Detox Progam

The Red Tea Detox is perfect for men and women who want to lose weight, and I am going to share it with you today!

What Is The Red Tea Detox Program?

So I am going to turn this into a bit of a Red Tea Detox Review and explain the program and what you get with it. We will also cover a little about what it can do for you, so stick with me!

Liz Swann MillerThe Red Tea Detox Program is a brand new cleansing program. It was designed to help you detoxify your body and fight against free radicals that could be damaging your cells. In addition to that, The Red Tea Detox can help you shred unwanted body fat.

In fact the creator of the Red Tea Detox, Liz Swann Miller claims that her program can help almost anyone lose 14 pounds in 14 days. Even if you only saw half of those results, it would be worth trying!

Liz is a six-time best-selling author with over 10 years of experience as a practicing Naturopath (ND). So I am willing to bet she knows what she is talking about!

About The Red Tea Detox Recipe

With over 10 years of research, more than 500 medical studies, and nearly 3 years of real-world testing. The Red Tea Detox has achieved the results and proven science to back up her claims.

Liz discovered the unique recipe for this amazing tea while traveling deep into the heart of Africa. The incredible part of it all is that the ingredients are pretty common and you can find them in virtually any store.

There are five secret ingredients that make up The Red Tea Detox Recipe. Each one has been found to be a metabolic enhancer.

First you have your Fat Shrinker. Followed by the Fat Storage Stopper, the The Fat Unlocker, the Fat Cleanser, and the Hunger Killer.

In this program Liz has recreated that recipe and is releasing it for the first time to the Western World. Putting that incredible recipe into a downloadable digital product so that you can have immediate access!

Check out this short video from one of Liz’s success stories!

I think it is great that her husband finally got on board. Look, that is just one success story, there are many more out there.

Inside The Red Tea Detox Ebook

Let’s take a look at what you will find inside of the Red Tea Detox Program. The ebook has been broken down into 3 sections, each designed to help you along in it’s own way.


In this portion of the Red Tea Detox you will discover the importance of detoxifying your body. As well as why you should do so before you begin your weight loss efforts.

You will also learn the overall benefits of a red tea cleanse and what it can do for your body. In addition, Liz also shows you which energy rich foods can help you shed fat faster than you could ever imagine!


The exercise portion was put together to complement the diet portion of The Red Tea Detox Program.

These quick and effective supercharged exercises, combined with the metabolism boosting diet. Have the potential to almost double your weight loss results.

In this portion you will find a ton of things to help you maintain your Willpower, Motivation, and Mindset!

Liz is going to help you bust the most common myths about willpower. As well as teach you the underlying realities about motivation. This is a vital part of this program as it will help you change your health and your life!

So there you have it, the three sections of the Red Tea Detox Ebook. Oh and let us not forget The Red Tea Detox Recipe!

Red Tea Detox FREE Bonus Gifts

Now in addition to The Red Tea Detox Program. Liz has also decided to give you 4 FREE Bonus Gifts when you try the Red Tea Detox Today!.

  • First FREE Gift: 100 Great Tasting Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes.
  • Second FREE Gift: Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio MP3.
  • Third FREE Gift: The Ultimate Superfood Guide For Super Health.
  • Fourth FREE Gift: The 5 Detox Methods Of Famous Celebrities.

The Red Tea Detox Free Bonuses

According to Liz this is about $400 in FREE gifts just for ordering today! That alone makes this worth the price of admission!

What The Red Tea Detox Can Do For You?

While I realize we have covered a lot of information so far. I did mention earlier that I wanted to let you know how the Red Tea Detox Program can benefit you. So I would like to take a minute and just touch on a few things.

While you’re on The Red Tea Detox, you’ll be shifting from carbohydrate burning to high-octane fat burning. So you are sure to lose weight, in fact 99% of all participants lost weight. Just keep in mind that everyone’s results will vary.

In addition to weight loss, The Red Tea Detox has shown to help improve a number of other things. Here is a look at just a few of those things:

  • Block or stop hunger and food cravings.
  • Stabilize your blood sugar to prevent mood swings.
  • Eliminate rebound weight gain and keep it off.
  • Boost energy levels with no midday energy crashes..

To accomplish these things the Red Tea Detox forces fat cells to open and release the harmful toxins trapped inside of you. This will also help to reduce stress hormones that work against your weight loss efforts. Allowing you to release toxins and fat from your body.

Mark T Red Tea Detox Testimonial

I lost 17.1 pounds. Try it, stick with it and you’ll see results.

Mark T. Age: 51
Hastings, Minnesota.

There really are a lot more benefits of The Red Tea Detox Program. To see them all you are just going to have to visit the Red Tea Detox home page.

Now the home page is a video, and it is an interesting one. However, just as interesting is the text page. It is loaded with a ton of useful info, and Liz shares her 5 New Fat Shrinking Rules with you as well!

Is The Red Tea Detox For Me?

Okay it is time for you to be honest with yourself. If you have been feeling run down or struggling to achieve the weight loss goals you have set. It might be high time you reconsider your lifestyle and approach.

They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So if you are like so many others, Tired Of Dieting. I can only recommend that you make a change and The Red Tea Detox might be just the thing.

There are no arguments on the benefits of drinking teas. The benefits of Black Tea and Green Tea have long been realized. However studies are showing that this Caffeine Free African Red Tea may be up to 50% more beneficial for you!

Emily Red TeaDetox Testimonial

My belly shrank! I’ve lost 16 pounds and feel great.

Emily A. Age: 32
Computer Programmer
Miami, Florida

Your struggles may not be your fault. It is very possible that the toxins in your body keep it from operating properly. Thus causing you to retain weight and that sluggish feeling.

If you are sick and tired of the Weight Loss Battle. Sick and Tired of feeling Tired. Or if you just want to Improve your Lifestyle and Health. You Owe it to Yourself to at least watch the video and read the Red Tea Detox home page!

Download The Red Tea Detox Today

You will only get out what you put in. But if you can honestly say that you are ready to lose weight and improve your life. Then I recommend that you download your copy of the Red Tea Detox Program Here and Now!

This program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you can try it for 6 weeks and still have plenty of time to get your money back should you find that it is not for you.

It’s Your Life and the fact that you are here means that you are ready to take back control of Your Life! So don’t waste any more time. Whether you choose to try the Red Tea Detox or not. Do Something! Do It For You!

Red Tea Detox Complete Package

If you have any questions or comments about The Red Tea Detox Program please leave them in the comment box below for fastest response. If you would like you can contact me by email by clicking here. I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Brendon Bryce

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6 thoughts on “African Red Tea Detox – Secret Ancient Recipe Revealed!”

  1. Hello, Brendon. I enjoyed looking at your interesting website. I especially enjoyed the article about Red Tea Detox. My mother used to drink Rooibos tea many years ago for its antioxidant properties. I had never heard of it being used to reduce belly fat or lose weight. Thanks for a very interesting article.

    • Hello Carol,

      Science has recently shown that many of the toxins we ingest get stored in our fat cells. Thus blocking our body from burning off that fat properly. Rooibos Tea helps our bodies release these toxins, including the toxins found in our fat cells. This not only allows the body to burn fat better, but it also allows our fat cell to shrink.

      The Red Tea Detox is a comprehensive detox program. Including the Red Tea recipe, a simple dietary plan and quick and easy workouts. While each of these has promising benefits individually. The weight loss potential when combined is incredible.

      That is just the weight loss side of things. Studies have recently shown that your Mom knew something way back then. Some studies have shown that red tea may have up to 50% more antioxidants than black tea and green tea.

      Carol Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Hope to hear from again soon!


  2. Wow, and I enjoy Green tea and always am looking for something new to try out. It seems this tea hold,s great properties. I might have to give this one a try. Thanks

    • Anthony,
      Nothing wrong with enjoying some green tea. However some studies do indicate that red tea may contain up to 50% more antioxidants that other form of tea. Just something to consider.

      If you like tea, then I would have to recommend you give the Red Tea Detox a try. It taste great and has a world of other healthy benefits!


  3. Hello Brendon, I really have to say this is awesome information on Red tea Detox. Africa holds some great natural health aids. I enjoyed how well you put this page together.being able to know the origin of whatever I’m putting into my body means a great deal. I was wondering in the ebook can I purchase the tea. I have to say you are right I have not seen this stuff in the US. I have to try this.

    • Hello Anthony,

      You are so correct, Africa does hold some of the greatest natural healing aids on the planet!

      Their ancient red tea is no exception. Anthony you can find red tea at various store, however it might be called Roobios Tea. It can be harder to find than green tea due to it not being as mainstream.  As far as the recipe that the Red Tea Detox is based on. It does contain more than just the red tea itself..

      Also Anthony you will find the exact recipe inside of the Red Tea Detox. You can easily find most of the ingredients at most grocery type stores. But the program does not stop with just the tea. This is a complete detox program including a dietary guide, and an optional workout plan. While you are not required to do the workouts, they have a considerable effect on your end results.

      Anthony Thank You for visiting and sharing your thoughts and question. Let me know if I can answer anything else for you.



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